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News guides 13 December 2023, 01:35

author: Damian Gacek

Pioneers of Pagonia - Console (Xbox, PS5, PS4) Release

Pioneers of Pagonia is the new city builder. Is it going to be released on consoles? Will we get Xbox, PS5 and PS4 ports? Find out.

Source: Pioneers of Pagonia, developer: Envision Entertainment

Pioneers of Pagonia is a new city builder inspired by The Settlers. It is not a surprise, as creators of this popular series are among its developers. Taking that into consideration, the title seems to be quite promising. It is not a surprise that many people would like to play this game on consoles. Will we see Xbox, PS5 and PS4 ports? Let’s answer this.

Pioneers of Pagonia – Console (Xbox, PS5, PS4) Release

City builders and strategies are not very popular genres on consoles. It is probably mostly because preparing comfortable controls on gamepads may be a difficult task; what is more, Xbox and PlayStation are associated more with action packed, dynamic titles. However, there are strategy games developers which decide to prepare proper ports for console players to enjoy. Is Pioneers of Pagonia one of such titles?

Sadly, not at this moment. We can read on the official Discord server, in the FAQ section, that developers concentrate in the first place on Windows version and have no plans for other platforms.

What platforms are we developing Pioneers of Pagonia for?

- We are fully focused on a Windows release and currently have no plans of developing versions for other platforms.

Of course, it does not mean that PS5, PS4 or Xbox ports will never be released, however, they will not appear for a long time, at best.

In the most optimistic scenario, developers will release console ports around the premiere of the full game, as many other titles did in the past. Pioneers of Pagonia should be in Early Access at least 6 months, according to the Steam page. However, this scenario is very unlikely. The more realistic one is that they will start working on console version, if at all, after the release of 1.0.

Remember that console version may never be released. A lot depends probably on popularity of the title and demand of fans. If you want to play Pioneers of Pagonia on PS4, PS5 or Xbox, inform developers about it and support them.

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Pioneers of Pagonia

Pioneers of Pagonia