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News video games 09 June 2021, 14:00

author: Przemyslaw Dygas

First Look at Pioner's Combat System

The developers of the upcoming Pioner presented the combat system featured in their work. The game is supposed to mix simulation with an arcade approach straight from modern shooters.

  • The creators of the shooter Pioner presented the combat system featured in the game;
  • It is supposed to be more dynamic than in other games of this type;
  • It will represent a more arcade approach known from contemporary FPS games.

Pioner is an upcoming MMO shooter from GFA Games, which draws inspiration from titles such as STALKER or Escape from Tarkov. It was officially announced only less than a month ago. Now, the creators presented the combat system. It will not resemble traditional solutions for this type of titles.

Developers informed that their goal was to increase the dynamic experienced in this kind of games. Movement is faster and smoother, and the combat is more arcadey. Thanks to this treatment, the game sould offer something not only for veterans of MMO shooters such as Escape from Tarkov but also fans of modern FPS games such as Call of Duty or Battlefield.

At the same time, the game will have a weapon customization system. We'll adjust our arms to individual preferences, and some of the upgrades will be crafted with the help of parts collected in the world of Pioner. It will be possible to improve accuracy, stability or general characteristics of our rifles, pistols or shotguns.

Especially important will be the appropriate modification of weapons in order to fight against various types of opponents. We will have at our disposal the so-called artifacts created as a result of the anomaly that haunts the location. They will enable us to adjust our weapons to fight the mutants inhabiting the island. We'll have to remember, however, that weapons modified in this way will be ineffective in clashes with human opponents.

To check how these mechanics work in action, we'll have to wait a little bit more. The release of Pioner is scheduled for the turn of 2021 and 2022.



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