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News video games 27 January 2016, 10:26

author: luckie

Pixel Privateers is a rouge-like RPG from Pixel Piracy dev

Pixel Privateers is the next project from the developers of Pixel Piracy and Terraria. This tactical rogue-like RPG will be out on Steam in early 2016.

The developers of Pixel Piracy and Terraria are coming back with another pixel-art rouge-like game. Pixel Privateers is described as a squad-based tactical RPG in which you command a band of mercenaries that pillage and loot for new technologies that can be used on their huge intergalactic space ship. The ship will be your main base and the primary means of transport as you travel across the galaxy in search of new planets to explore.

Quadro Delta and Re-Logic are promising highly customizable experience with different difficulty settings, tactical combat, vast universe to explore, and rich lore to discover, character progression, and more. They are also planning to release free content expansions post launch. On top of that Pixel Privateers is to feature 4-people co-op multiplayer.

Pixel Privateers is a rouge-like RPG from Pixel Piracy dev - picture #1
Pixel Privateers will face the greatest dangers throughout the space.

Pixel Privateers is going to be available on Steam in Q1 2016. The developers are planning a Discord live chat this Friday, at 4 PM CST.

Pixel Privateers

Pixel Privateers

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