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News video games 01 February 2023, 15:17

author: Wiktor Szczesny

Terraria Dev Wants to Make Player Dream Come True; This Year is to be Special

Crossplay in Terraria is one of the biggest dreams of fans of this highly-popular game, currently available on multiple platforms. It seems that 2023 may finally prove to be a breakthrough in this regard. This is confirmed by the developers.

Terraria is an example of a game that would benefit greatly from crossplay. This seemingly simple, but in reality very impressive game, due to its distinctive visuals and addictive gameplay, is very popular on many platforms - it is available on PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and the last three generations of Xbox, among others. A desirable endeavor, then, would be to unite all players under the banner of one virtual world. As it turns out, developers are not deaf to fans' requests and it is quite possible that crossplay will eventually come to Terraria.

Hopes raised by the voices of developers

This is confirmed by numerous voices from the developers. On their blog they wrote that they hope 2023 will be the year of crossplay. Also, a recent statement by one of the company's chief executives, Ted Murphy, in which he suggested that the team will give it its all and that the plan is to be "solid," gives food for thought and enables us to dream more boldly about such an option in Terraria.

Work continues

The studio seems to be following the track laid out by conjecture and statements from Re-Logic employees. The company's programmers are expected to work on updating the current game engine, and further bring the issue of crossplay to a happy conclusion. Fans' hopes are dampened somewhat by the studio's founder, Whitney Spinks. On Twitter he stated that the implementation of the feature desired by players is not 100% certain. However, he assures that Re-Logic will do whatever it can to accomplish this task.

A difficult operation

Certainly, the developers' work is not made easier by the fact that Terraria is available on a wide variety of devices. Introducing unified servers for mobile devices, consoles and PCs will therefore be quite a challenge for Re-Logic. In a way, the hope for success is given by the fact that a similar solution already exists - it was created by fans of the game. However, the crossplay mod requires players to host a separate, properly modified server.

It remains to wait

The great unknown remains whether the expected feature will appear in the game at all. It can be expected that if the developers manage to tame server merging, crossplay will come to Terraria later this year.

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