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News video games 26 May 2023, 15:51

author: Marcin Przala

PlayStation Showcase Disappointed; Criticism Extends Beyond Games

The recent PlayStation show disappointed Sony supporters. Disappointing were not only the game announcements, but also the „star of the evening” - the revealed handheld.

Wednesday's PlayStation Showcase apparently didn't appeal much to the fans. In the web there are many opinions that the event dedicated to Sony's next-gen consoles did not offer anything that would enable PlayStation to enter the "next level of gaming" - whether in terms of games or hardware.

Lack of high-profile titles

The main criticism of the event organized by Sony was the extremely poor list of announcements of new exclusives. Indeed, as was announced shortly after the show, almost all presented games from the AAA segment - except for the second installment of Marvel's Spider-Man - will also come to competitive platforms.

"Alright guys, I think Jim Ryan accidentally sent the Indie 2023 presentation.

We should get a real presentation soon with AAA hits exclusives any day now... right?"

"Absolutely disappointing presentation, we waited almost 2 years for this?

We were told they didn't do a presentation in September because they didn't have enough to show, and more than six months later this is all they have?"

Some of the fans do not hide their disappointment at the lack of a "dark horse" of the show, which would completely surprise the gaming fans of the world. Such an "ace up the sleeve," according to many, could have been the repeatedly rumored remake of Bloodborne. This game - at least for now - must remain in the imagination of fans.

"In one hand I have the hype for Bloodborne, and in the other a clown makeup.

I play both sides, so I always come out a winner."

Other Sony supporters, on the other hand, pointed out the lack of new news on such productions as Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth or The Last of Us Factions.

"2.5 years without a presentation, here's what's "cooking under the hood" of the PS5 (most leaks and rumors turned out to be false, MGS was partially correct).

There is no (new information on): FFVII Rebirth, Persona, The Last of Us: Factions, Bloodborne, Crimson Desert, Mortal Kombat 1, Avatar, Skull & Bones, Under The Waves, Wolverine, Star Wars KOTOR Remake, Vampire the masquerade Bloodlines 2, DbZ Tenkaichi 4, Like a Dragon 8."

As is often the case, the unhappiness of some is a source of optimism for others. The lack of high-profile exclusives and the reveal of a number of multiplatform games has made PlayStation Showcase - ironically - more appreciated by Xbox fans.

Project Q another disappointment

It seems that the highlight of the PlayStation Showcase was not supposed to be games, but the announcement of a handheld. However, not everything went Sony supporters' way here either.

Revealed during the show, Project Q turned out to be not so much a full-fledged console, but only a device for streaming video from the PS5 console..

In fact, all games will run on the PlayStation 5 console, and only the image will be transferred to the handheld using the PlayStation Remote function via a Wi-Fi connection.

Of course,o Sony fans did not like this, as they would rather expect a dedicated and standalone handheld console designed to play modern games.

"This is just... bizarre. Is it just for Remote Play? Who thought this was a good idea?

People can just... connect DualSense to their phones. I just don't get it."

"A handheld based on Remote Play? Only... what for? Literally all you have to do is take a PSP, give it modern components and it sells like hotcakes. How could this concept not be realized at this point? The return of the PSP - and I mean the actual PSP, not the junk that was the PS Vita - would have made the numbers."

Interestingly, however, the criticism aimed at Project Q is not only about the functionality of the device, but also about its design. The hardware is basically a split DualSense controller with a small 8-inch display in the middle. The situation is somewhat saved by the fact that the device will offer all the features of the original PS5 gamepad.

PlayStation Showcase Disappointed; Criticism Extends Beyond Games - picture #1
Project Q Source: PlayStationShowcase/Sony.

Although the PlayStation Showcase 2023 event has already passed, this is a reminder that this just the beginning of intense events in the video game industry.

In the first half of June we are expecting, for example, the Summer Game Fest 2023 and Xbox Games Showcase.

Marcin Przała

Marcin Przała

Graduate of Journalism and Social Communication at the Pontifical University of John Paul II in Krakow. He has been interested in games from an early age, and Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Dragon Age: Origins hold a special place in his heart. His passion for electronic entertainment led to the phenomenon of immersion becoming the subject of his bachelor's thesis. Today, above all, a fan of soulslike and classic RPGs. Besides games, he likes dark fantasy literature, and for many years he has been eagerly following the English Premier League, where his beloved club - Chelsea - plays.


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