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News video games 06 April 2019, 23:50

author: Adrian Werner

Prince Harry Says Fortnite Should be Banned

Prince Harry provoked the ire of gamers by stating that Fortnite is created to addict and such games should be banned.

Prince Harry Says Fortnite Should be Banned - picture #1
Fortnite is currently one of the most popular games in the world.

Fortnite is one of the greatest phenomena of recent years. Last month, the developers boasted that the game will soon exceed 250 million registered users. However, not everyone is a fan of this production. It turns out that Prince Harry himself is one of its fierce opponents. He even claims that the law should prohibit the creation of such projects.

The member of the British Royal Family expressed his opinion during a visit to the London Youth Centre of the YMCA. He stated that Fortnite and similar games are designed specifically to addict players, especially the youngest ones. According to him, productions of this type have a negative impact on the development and education of children. In fact, he considers them to be a greater threat than drugs and alcohol, as access to these substances is regulated by law and everyone is aware of their negative effects. Games, on the other hand, have become a natural part of everyday life and many people have no idea what impact they have on their children.

It is no surprise that the players reacted very negatively to these words. They remind the prince of an interview from 2013, in which he stated that the years of playing on consoles made it easier for him to perform the tasks of an Apache combat helicopter co-pilot.

There is also no shortage of people emphasizing that as a billionaire with yachts and palaces he has no idea about how ordinary people live. By the way, it was also reminded that in 2005 Harry, who was twenty years old at the time, went to a costume party, wearing a swastika-adorned armband on his shoulder, so it is difficult to treat the prince as an oracle in moral matters.

The success of Fortnite measn that there is no shortage of stories about people addicted to the game. However, such people constitute only a small part of the community of the and attempts to restrict access to it for ordinary players are a ridiculous idea.

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Adrian Werner

Adrian Werner

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