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News video games 21 July 2023, 15:36

New Small Hit on Steam - Punch Club 2 With 89% Positive Reviews

Punch Club 2: Fast Forward, a game in which we have to take care of the career of an aspiring martial arts fighter, is poised to become a new little hit on Steam.

Source: Lazy Bear Games / tinyBuild / Steam

Yesterday marked the release of Punch Club 2: Fast Forward. The game, in which we take control of a young martial arts student and our task is to guide his career in such a way that he can reach the championship, is growing into a new small-scale hit on Steam.

At the moment these words are being written, the vast majority (89%) of reviews written by players on Valve's platform, are positive.

  1. The new work of Lazy Bear Games is on its way to not so much repeating, but surpassing the artistic success of its predecessor.
  2. The first Punch Club boasts 82% positive reviews on Steam; industry media received it a bit colder, as on Metacritic its average rating is between 62-77/100 (depending on the platform).

Punch Club 2: Fast Forward has arrived on personal computers and consoles. It is available on Steam, Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch for $19.99.

New Small Hit on Steam - Punch Club 2 With 89% Positive Reviews - picture #1

Punch Club 2: Fast ForwardSource: Lazy Bear Games / tinyBuild / Steam

Punch Club 2: Fast Forward is a game combining elements of several genres, which simulates the life of an aspiring boxer. In the course of the game, we have to organize the protagonist's training, take care of his diet and develop his skills, as well as set up a fight schedule. At the same time, the fun is not limited to the sports aspect, but also includes interactions with characters in a futuristic city, the opportunity to work for various organizations and even set up your own fighting school.

  1. Punch Club 2: Fast Forward - official website

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Punch Club 2: Fast Forward

Punch Club 2: Fast Forward