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News video games 25 July 2021, 21:48

author: Damian Gacek

Red Dead Online Blood Money Update Broke Horses

It appears that Blood Money, the latest update for Red Dead Online, has seriously messed with the horse mechanics. For the past few weeks, players have experienced some truly bizarre sights.


  1. After the latest update, Red Dead Online players report seeing horses in various random locations;
  2. These are saddled animals that mostly stand politely or run around like crazy;
  3. The patch also has other side effects - fans notice that less wildlife appears.

July 13 saw the release of the latest update for Red Dead Online, titled Blood Money. Unfortunately, not only it was not to the liking of fans, but it turns out that it also brought quite unexpected consequences. Recently, the attention of the gaming community and industry websites has caught a trend on Redditmore and more reports of strange behavior of horses.

It turns out that since the release, Red Dead Online started spawning a lot of strangely behaving animals. They look like player mounts, but roam the world of Rockstar's game alone. Most often they can be found standing or galloping forward. One Reddit user even shared a photo of a steed hovering in mid-air. Forum users claim that these are copies of the player's horses, which appear while performing tasks from the latest expansion.

Red Dead Online Blood Money Update Broke Horses - picture #1
Source: Reddit user Pure_Teaching

In most cases, only single animals are encountered, but they can appear in really large numbers. If you'd want a free ride, however, I have bad news for you- you can not interact with them (although you can kill them)..

Unfortunately, such a widespread presence of horses is associated with additional side effects - there is less wildlife on the map. This is probably a matter of limiting the number of animals that a game can accommodate.

Of course, strange stories with horses in Red Dead Online are nothing new, as various glitches involving them are commonly known. However, there is no denying that after the last update the problem has grown significantly. We can only hope that it will be fixed soon.

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