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News video games 21 February 2019, 13:37

author: Aquma

Red Dead Online Gets New Showdowns and Fishing Contests

Rockstar Games informed that the currently tested online mode of Red Dead Redemption 2, commonly known as Red Dead Online, will receive a large portion of new content next week.

Red Dead Online Gets New Showdowns and Fishing Contests - picture #1
Red Dead Online will receive a lot of novelties.


  1. Fool's Gold Free Roam Event;
  2. Fishing competitions;
  3. Three new Showdown modes;
  4. New types of races;
  5. More weapons and clothes;
  6. Bug fixes and solutions aimed at "excessively aggressive player behavior".

Red Dead Online, the currently tested online mode of Red Dead Red Dead Redemption 2 from Rockstar Games studio, will receive a large patch on February 26, which will introduc new game modes, events and activities, as well as remove a lot of bugs and improve the mechanics regulating player behavior. Details of the update were presented by the developers in a special note.

Gold for the fools....

One of the most interesting - or at least the most original - novelties will be the Fool's Gold Free Roam Event. It will allow you to compete for armor made of real (or is it?) gold. The rules of the event will be simple. On one side there will be a player dressed in shiny armor, who will receive points for eliminating other participants. Everyone else will try to take his place - and to do so they will have to shoot him down.

Red Dead Online Gets New Showdowns and Fishing Contests - picture #2
Uuu... Shiny!.

The game will also feature three new Showdown modes - Up in Smoke, Spoils of War and Plunder - where the game will focus on intercepting loot bags and stealing from each other. There will also be a new variant of Target Races, in which the players will have to not only run as fast as they can on their mounts but also shoot at emerging targets. PS4 owners will also get early access to Open Target Races mode, where the task will be to eliminate as many opponents as possible without getting off the horse.

Fish for the brave....

Another interesting novelty will be the fishing competition. Each participant of the challenge will receive a rod and lures required to catch the species which is the subject of the competition (the competition will be available in different variants). Then you will have to go to the right place and show your skills. The winner is the one who manages to catch the most fish (counted by total weight of all fish).

Red Dead Online Gets New Showdowns and Fishing Contests - picture #3
Now we know where have all the virgins gone.

Fixes and stuff for (almost) everyone

The patch will also fix some bugs and introduce some new items to the game. The list includes weapons - Evan's Repeater (repeater rifle), Rare Shotgun (a powerful, double-barreled rifle) and Jawbone Knife (a knife with a handle made of the jawbone of a killed animal - unfortunately, for some time it will be available only on PS4). There will also be new clothes (e.g. Rutledge Vest), hats (Diamondback Hat) and emots.

An important part of the update will be some corrections to game mechanics, which will primarily be aimed at reducing some aggressive player behavior that spoils the fun of other users. After the release of the patch, people that are more than 150 metres away will only be visible to us if they shoot a firearm. In addition, if we become too naughty, the color of our icon on the mini-maps of other players will change, so that they will know that they need to be careful around us. The game will also receive a new Law and Bounty system. It will ensure that in the case of serious crimes (especially murders), the reward for our head will be greater than if we commit minor thefts or crimes.

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