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How to Set Custom Difficulty in BG3, All options

Damian Gacek, 01 December 2023, 06:50

In this guide we will tell you everything about custom difficulty in BG3. It is a new addition to the game.

High Roller Dungeon in Dark and Darker; The Most Difficult Mode Explained

Damian Gacek, 15 February 2023, 12:54

If you want to know what the High-Roller Dungeon in Dark and Darker is and what to expect from it, then this article is for you. We will tell you what the most difficult mode in the game involves.

Find Out What Assassin Nearby Means in Hitman Freelancer

Agnes Adamus, 31 January 2023, 16:57

Hitman introduced a Freelancer mode, featuring mechanics taken from roguelike games. During the execution of the final mission of the campaign you will come across a message that reads 'Assassin Nearby'. Here you will learn what it means.

Dwarf Fortress (Steam Edition) - Modes; Legends Mode explained

Damian Gacek, 06 December 2022, 19:22

Today was the launch of Dwarf Fortress on Steam. In this text we will explain all the modes. Find out what Legends Mode is.

Building Stays in Fortnite; Tim Sweeney Announces Big Changes to Creative Mode

Adam Adamczyk, 04 April 2022, 16:09

Building stays in Fortnite. Tim Sweeney has announced that there will be some big changes to the creative mode.

Fortnite Without Building; New Game Mode Made Permanent

Agnes Adamus, 29 March 2022, 20:54

A new gameplay mode that removes the ability to build has been released in Fortnite. This time, it will be available permanently.

Fortnite Without Building is Here to Stay; There's Evidence

Miriam Moszczynska, 25 March 2022, 15:02

The ability to build has disappeared from Fortinte and apparently it will remain so. Data miners have found evidence of other modes with this restriction.

Zombie Mode Removed From Battlefield 2042 Mere Day After Introduction

Miriam Moszczynska, 24 January 2022, 12:40

Battlefield 2042's problems and slip-ups continue. This time, DICE introduced a mode that worked as a machine for earning experience. Oddly, it was almost immediately pulled from the game.

Battlefield 2042's New Hazard Zone Mode Will be Presented Soon

Michael Zegar, 12 October 2021, 20:47

In addition to the classic Conquest mode and the previously announced Portal, Battlefield 2042 will also include Hazard Zone. Its presentation will take place in a few days.

Hearthstone - Mercenary Mode in Extensive Gameplay

GRG, 01 September 2021, 11:29

We've learned the details of the new Mercenaries mode in Hearthstone and seen an extensive gameplay footage.

New Red Dead Online Update Will Introduce Survival Mode

Michal Ciezadlik, 05 August 2021, 14:42

In addition to new quests, contracts and items, Red Dead Online will soon include a new survival mode based.

Hitman 3 Without Multiplayer Mode

Paul Wozniak, 18 August 2020, 19:16

The creators from IO Interactive have shared new information about the game modes available in Hitman 3. Thus, we have learned that in the upcoming installment of the popular series we will not experience any form of multiplayer fun on the day of released.

Valorant Act Two - New Deathmatch Mode

Aleksandra Dziwinska, 04 August 2020, 23:08

The new game from Riot Games, team previously known solely for League of Legends, has just been updated to version 1.05. What has been added to the game?

Call of Duty: Warzone - New Modes Found in Game Files

Conrad Hazi, 29 March 2020, 22:19

Reddit users managed to extract information about new game modes in Call of Duty: Warzone. We will probably soon be able to play in teams of two or four and check out special modes.

CoD Warzone - Screenshot From Duo and Squad Modes; New Guns Inbound [Updated]

Christian Pieniazek, 27 March 2020, 09:36

Infinity Ward is preparing new content for Call of Duty: Warzone. In addition to the four new guns, the developers intend to enable us to compete in duos and teams larger than three people.

Plague Inc. Will Enable Us to Save the World For a Change

Damian Gacek, 24 March 2020, 12:26

Plague Inc. is a strategy game in which we aim to annihilate humanity with a deadly virus - but that's about to change. The title will be enriched with a new mode to protect our species from extinction.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Repairs are Overdue; Immersive Mode Delayed

Christian Pieniazek, 25 February 2020, 22:55

Ubisoft has announced that the immersive mode for Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Breakpoint will not debut on schedule. The module developed based on the fan suggestions turned out to be more complex than originally assumed.

Try Out Apex Legends in Third-Person Mode

Konrad Serafinski, 19 January 2020, 20:41

Until January 20 you can play Apex Legends in third-person mode. All this is for a special event in the game, thanks to which every two days users are given a different variant of the game to test.

Leak Reveals Game Modes of Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Bart Swiatek, 30 September 2019, 10:09

Reddit user has published a full list of modes that will be featured in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. The information source is the game's installation files.

Battlefield 5 - DICE Drops 5v5 Mode

Adrian Werner, 23 August 2019, 13:47

Despite previous announcements, Battlefield V will not get a 5v5 mode. DICE decided that it was better to focus on improving other aspects of the game.

Gears 5 Horde Mode on First Trailer

Paul Wozniak, 19 August 2019, 19:39

Microsoft has just introduced the first trailer of the Horde mode from the upcoming Gears 5. Thanks to the trailer, we learned several skills of the characters and learned information about a special pack of characters from Halo: Reach.

Apex Legends: Temporary Solo Mode and Expensive Microtransactions

Barth Faryna, 14 August 2019, 23:03

Iron Crown event, and with it temporary solo mode, in which 60 players in the battle royale formula face each other has started in Apex Legends. In addition, the devs have introduced a set of new items to get, including the legendary axe, for which you have to pay a heavy price.

Time-Limited Solo Mode is Coming to Apex Legends

Paul Wozniak, 07 August 2019, 12:48

The long-awaited single player mode will appear in Apex Legends. Unfortunately, it will only be available in the game for two weeks as part of The Iron Crown Collection, which will last from August 13 to 27.

Ghost Recon Wildlands Gets Free BR-like Mode Called Mercenaries

Jacob Blazewicz, 17 July 2019, 23:39

Ubisoft has announced the latest update of Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands. The devs have prepared a new game mode, slightly reminiscent of battle royale game, but with significant differences.

Hunt Showdown With Three-person Teams in Trinity Mode

Christian Pieniazek, 16 July 2019, 20:27

Crytek has published a new trailer for Hunt: Showdown, which announces the Trinity mode. This mode will allow players to form three-person teams and we will check it on the release day of the full version.

Fallout 76 Survival Mode Beta Launches

Adrian Werner, 28 March 2019, 00:29

Fallout 76 received a patch, adding the beta version of Survival Mode, which focuses on PvP competition.

Red Dead Online Gets New Showdowns and Fishing Contests

Bart Swiatek, 21 February 2019, 13:37

Rockstar Games informed that the currently tested online mode of Red Dead Redemption 2, commonly known as Red Dead Online, will receive a large portion of new content next week.

Survival Mode in Apex Legends?

Adrian Werner, 19 February 2019, 09:51

Poking around Apex Legends' game files continues. This time, the fans have dug up info of a survival mode, a tank, and the names of the two new characters.

Apex Legends - Bans and Rumors About New Game Modes

Adrian Werner, 17 February 2019, 16:24

Further analysis of Apex Legends game files, suggests that the devs are planning 8-, 12-, and 24-player team game modes; there is also some info on bots. Meanwhile, the devs revealed the number of players banned for cheating.

Fallout 76 Survival Mode Beta will start in March

Michael Kulakowski, 26 January 2019, 10:43

We got to know the first details about the new fun mode in Fallout 76 called Survival, which will focus on PvP. Its open beta tests should start in March.

Fallout 76 will get a new PvP mode in 2019

Adrian Werner, 20 December 2018, 14:32

Bethesda has revealed the development plans of Fallout 76 for the next year. The tasks include a refreshed PvP mode, with new rules of player skirmishes.

FIFA 19 will become Fortnite with these two game modes

Mathias Zulpo, 06 August 2018, 18:20

FIFA 19 introduces its two new game modes. "No Rules" mode will allow you to do whatever you want on the (battle)field. And the "Survival" mode will pretty much turn the game into... Fortnite.

Build and defend a fort in Fortnite, starting this Thursday

luckie, 04 October 2017, 19:54

Fortnite players will get to try their hand at a new game mode this Thursday. Horde Bash will let you defend your pre-build fort from waves of monsters.

All Battlefield 1 maps and modes revealed, featuring War Pigeon Mode

luckie, 21 September 2016, 12:07

You can now read about every map and mode that will be available in Battlefield 1 upon the game's release on October 21, 2016.

Star Wars: Battlefront – three new modes revealed

luckie, 13 October 2015, 12:30

Star Wars: Battlefront is getting three new multiplayer modes, as revealed by Electronic Arts. These are: Hero Hunt, Cargo, and Droid Run.

E3 2015: Star Wars: Battlefront – Co-op Trailer and Info about Other Modes

Meehow, 16 June 2015, 14:28

During the E3 Sony conference a cooperative mode trailer for Star Wars: Battlefront called Survival was demonstrated. We have also learned a bit about the other types of missions available.