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News video games 10 January 2019, 23:17

author: Serek

Red Dead Online update adds battle royale-like mode

Work on the improvement of Red Dead Online is in progress. The latest update to the game will introduce a new mode - Gun Rush - whose rules are deceptively similar to the battle royale formula. Rockstar also announces other novelties.

Red Dead Online update adds battle royale-like mode - picture #1
Are you ready for Gun Rush?

The development of the online module for Red Dead Redemption 2 continues with a vengeance. In the latest update, Rockstar decided to enhance Red Dead Online with a new mode, called Gun Rush. But what does this even mean? In short - a battle royale mode for RDO. As with other representatives of this genre, the last man standing is the winner. As time goes by, the battle area shrinks. Gun Rush will offer gameplay for up to 32 players. The mode will be available in two variants - team mode and free-for-all.

There is also important information for Xbox One version owners - from now on those users will have access to 4 PlayStation-exclusive items. By the way, the developers are announcing more novelties, which will soon appear in the game. We are talking about Races and Showdown modes. The developers have also listened to the voices of players and intend to introduce, for example, daily challenges or improve chat, so that it is easier to avoid aggressive behaviors. The system of law and rewards as well as player detection on the map is to be changed. Now we will see only players who are not far away from us. This is to reduce the number of situations when we are targeted by another player.

What's more, Rockstar announces that it's working on new features that will be made available to the players this year. In addition to the two aforementioned modes (Showdown and Races), new missions are to appear in the game - including those from popular and liked characters such as Horley and Jessica LeClerk. Additionally, there will be a wide range of dynamic events scattered around the game world and (as befits a multiplayer game) new weapons, clothes and emotes. Red Dead Online is still in beta, resulting in constant updates and patches. A few weeks ago the creators decided to add microtransactions to the game. We also learned the prices of gold bars (the in-game currency). Let's hope that both the introduced and the announced changes will really improve the gameplay.

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