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News video games 04 August 2020, 14:40

author: Adrian Werner

Resident Evil 3 Sales Much Worse Than RE2

Capcom revealed the sales results of Resident Evil 3. The latest remake is doing well, but last year's Resident Evil 2 was much more successful.

Resident Evil 3 sells well, but it's a far cry from RE2's results.

In a document discussing the latest financial results of Capcom, it was stated that the sales of Resident Evil 3 exceeded 2.7 million copies. As a reminder, this remake debuted on April 3 this year and is available on PC and Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

The result of 2.7 million copies is good, but pales in comparison with last year's Resident Evil 2, which found 4 million buyers in the first two months after its launch. A few months ago, Capcom boasted that the remake of RE2 had already moved 5.8 million copies.

Resident Evil 3's inferior results are no surprise. The 1999 original was also received colder than the second installment. In addition, the latest remake was criticised for a shorter campaign and the cutting out of some elements, such as alternative endings.

It should also be mentioned that in fact the difference between the financial performance of both remakes may be less than the sales figures indicate. In the case of RE3, digital distribution had a larger share in sales. Moreover, the game offers a multiplayer mode, and this usually encourages players to spend more on microtransactions. Nevertheless, there is no doubt that Resident Evil 2 was a much bigger commercial success.

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Adrian Werner

Adrian Werner

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