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News guides 20 May 2024, 07:22

author: Agnes Adamus

Ritual of Anguish in Diablo 4 Explained

The fourth season od Diablo 4 introduces upgraded version of Andariel. From this guide you will learn how to perform Ritual of Anguish to summon her.

Source: Diablo IV, developer: Blizzard

The fourth season of Diablo 4, popular hack and slash from Blizzard, was released a couple of days ago. It introduced a number of significant changes to the game – including an upgraded version of Andariel. Now, the boss is more challenging to defeat. From this guide you will learn how to perform Ritual of Anguish to summon her.

Ritual of Anguish in Diablo 4 Explained

You can summon Andariel in Hanged Man's Hall in Kehjistan. The easiest way for you to get there will be using the Tarsarak waypoint in the south part of the Sanctuary. So, you should have no trouble finding this place.

In order to perform the ritual and face the boss, you have to collect some items. Unfortunately, it won't be easy, as it requires many fights with powerful opponents.

Uber Andariel

To summon Uber Andariel you need to collect two items. Both are unique drops from other endgame bosses. So, what items are involved?

  1. 2 x Sandscorched Shackles which drops from Lord Zir in World Tier 4,
  2. 2 x Pincushioned Doll which you can get by defeating Beast in the Ice in World Tier 4.

Tormented Andariel

Summoning a more powerful version of the boss will require from you not only a larger number of items mentioned earlier, but also an additional drop.

  1. 6 x Sandscorched Shackles,
  2. 6 x Pincushioned Doll,
  3. 2 x Stygian Stone which you can get while exploring The Pit.

After that, all that is left for you to do is to face the boss.

Agnes Adamus

Agnes Adamus

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