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News hardware & software 23 February 2021, 20:19

author: Karol Laska

Rumor: Nintendo Switch Pro Coming Later This Year

Nintendo Switch Pro remains a topic raised in the category of rumors and speculations, although all signs in seem to say that any moment now we will hear some official news about the console. Rumor says it's supposed to hit the market this year.

  1. Trusted insider NateDrake is betting that an improved version of Nintendo Switch will be coming to the market later in 2021;
  2. Otherwise, the coming months should bring news of a delayed release.

A few days ago the latest Nintendo Direct event was held, and with it, we learned of Nintendo's plans for the next few months. This involves a large number of games, which you will read about in our summary. Switch fans felt uneasy about the fact that still no work on an improved version of the console was announced.

One of the industry's trustworthy insiders, NateDrake, reassures. He wrote on ResetEra about the functionalities of Nintendo Switch "Pro" (working name). Also, according to his prediction, the console will be released, or at least announced, later this year:

"Let's say I'm confident it gets announced this year. A delay to 2022 would need to be communicated in the next few months, as dev kits and third-party partners begin to plan software for the device. As of this very moment, I believe the hope remains for a 2021 launch.

Won't really talk more about the tech specs than I have. It has DLSS & it has 4k functionality. No reason to go deeper than that right now. That's enough to illustrate the device is a meaningful upgrade. First-party support with span the new hardware and current Switch for at least a couple of years."

These reports are obviously not confirmed by Nintendo, but they give a fraction of hope that the Switch will still try to catch up at least a little with the new generation in the near future. Another thing is that the aforementioned Japanese company does not really have to do anything, because it is doing just fine. 80 million Switch consoles sold is only a part of the impressive figures, which shared in the latest financial report.

  1. Nintendo - official homepage
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