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News video games 28 July 2021, 12:16

author: Paul Musiolik

Secret Passage in Bloodborne Unlocked After 7 Years

After 7 years of trying, a shortcut in Bloodborne has been successfully unlocked. This was done by modder Garden of Eyes. Thanks to him, players can speed up their journey from Central Yharnam to the Cathedral Ward.

  1. After many years, a shortcut has been unlocked in Bloodborne, which connects Central Yharnam to Cathedral Ward;
  2. The road was opened by modder Garden of Eyes.

After years of trying, a previously unavailable shortcut has been unlocked in Bloodborne. This was done by a modder known as Garden of Eyes. Thanks to his efforts, players can easily use the passage connecting Central Yharnam and Cathedral Ward.

The mysterious door behind the Cleric Beast has intrigued the players since Bloodborne's early tests. Players analyzing the new title by fromSoftware said that the passage must have been active before, but for some reason the team decided to block it. Over the years, attempts have been made to change this. The efforts picked up pace when the game began to be intensively modded.

Now, several years after the first attempts, it has been achieved. Modder known as Garden of Eyes not only unlocked the invisible wall, but also took care of script tweaks and collision detection. He also added a fog that blocks the passage if the player has not defeated the Cleric Beast (all to avoid spoiling the game). He documented his achievement on a video.

Of course, we won't be able to use this modification on a regular console. As in the case of previous mods (such as the patch for running the game at 60 fps) we'll need a properly prepared PS4.

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