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News video games 09 September 2022, 13:50

author: Adam Adamczyk

Shatterline Expedition Mode - Can it be Played Solo?

Shatterline offers several game modes. In this guide, you will learn what Expedition Mode is and whether it can be played solo.

Source: Steam | Shatterline

The early access game Shatterline is praised by players for its action-packed gameplay and several game. Among them is "Expedition," which combines interesting mechanics and is one of the favorite options. In this guide you will learn, what characterizes this mode and whether it can be played solo.

What is the Expedition mode?

Shatterline Expedition Mode - Can it be Played Solo? - picture #1

Expedition mode at Shatterline

Expedition Mode is a very interesting mode that draws on roguelike mechanics. A group of players is dropped into a conflict area, where they must complete several tasks. After completing each of them, the difficulty level increases, but so does the chance to get better quality items. Players can decide if they want to be evacuated after completing a task, or if they prefer to continue the game and battle the increasing difficulty level.

This is where the risk factor comes in, because if the entire team dies, the number of rewards will be halved. Expedition mode provides a lot of excitement and encourages the use of various tactics.

Is it possible to play solo in Expedition mode?

Shatterline is an online game best played with friends, but the game, in a sense, allows for solo experience. The Expedition mode is no exception. Although we can't play this mode solo and without anyone's help, if we do so, we will be randomly assigned to a team along with other players. This is a PVE mode, that is, one in which we fight opponents controlled by the game.



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