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News Files and Mods 07 May 2023, 23:23

author: Adrian Werner

SpellForce 3 With Playable Undead Thanks to Fan Mod

SpellForce 3 has gained a new playable faction in the form of the undead. All thanks to the fan project called Undead Faction.

SpellForce 3 has developed a small but active modding community, which resulted in many additional maps and gameplay modes. One of the most interesting fan projects adds a new playable faction to the game.

The modification is titled Undead Faction and, in keeping with the title, it enables you to direct armies of the undead. The faction has more than a dozen unique units and two heroes. For now, you can play it only in Skirmish, Journey and Journey Skirmish modes.

  1. SpellForce 3: Undead Faction - download the mod from our FTP server. (yhe author has given us permission to host a mirror)
SpellForce 3 With Playable Undead Thanks to Fan Mod - picture #1
Source: THQ Nordic.

The race is very well developed. The author has put a lot of effort into balancing it properly, so playing with the undead is an interesting alternative to the official armies. The latest version of Undead Faction, numbered 1.2.0, focuses mainly on improving unit graphics and fixing a few minor bugs. New loading screens have also been added.

Recall that SpellForce 3 launched in December 2017. Four years later, the game was refreshed and renamed as SpellForce 3 Reforced. This version was ported to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X consoles last year. Mods are only available for the PC release.

In the nearly six years that have passed since the release, SpellForce 3 has received a number of noteworthy modifications. Among other things, fans have added new maps (e.g. Scattered Forest or Lost Forest), introduced additional gameplay modes (e.g. modeled on MOBA games) and restored some of the cut content.

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