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press release luckie 10 July 2017, 16:25

Spider-Man to have a world several times bigger than Sunset Overdrive

Remember Sunset Overdrive, Insomniac's once-biggest game? That game had a large open world, but that's nothing in comparison with the upcoming Spider-Man.

The upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive Spider-Man may not be able to handle 60 FPS in 4K or even 1080p, but it is going to offer a really big open world. The city of New York that the famous superhero will be roaming about is several times larger than the world in Insomniac’s other game, Sunset Overdrive. The studio made that comparison on Twitter as a response to a fan asking them to put it together with the world of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. And Sunset Overdrive wasn’t small either; as Insomniac once said, it was the biggest game they had ever made, IGN notes.

The reasons for such an impressive size of Spider-Man’s open world are pretty obvious if you consider the fact that the superhero moves around pretty fast as he swings above the streets of New York using his web – he’s even able to catch a helicopter on the run, as we’ve seen on the reveal gameplay video at E3 2017. It just wouldn’t feel right to confine him within a too tight space. However, this is part of the reason why the developer had to make some trade-offs at the cost of the game’s performance.



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