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News hardware & software 09 February 2019, 19:04

author: Adrian Werner

Spotify Will Ban for Ad Blockers

Soon, Spotify will change its treatment of users that block the site’s ads. The company intends to ban any account on which ad blockers are detected.

Spotify Will Ban for Ad Blockers - picture #1
The changes will apply on March 1.

The fight against ad blocker is getting even more vicioous. Spotify, a music streaming website, has announced that it will soon start banning users who will be detected using ad blockers. This applies only to free accounts, because one of the advantages of subscription is the lack of ads.

Currently, after detecting an ad blocker, the account is suspended and the user receives a warning e-mail. Full functionality is restored if a person turns off the plugin or buys a subscription.

The new rules will enter into force on 1 March this year. From that day, after detecting an ad blocker, Spotify will immediately impose a ban on your account, without any prior warnings or emails.

Spotify Will Ban for Ad Blockers - picture #2
The company has finally started generating profits.

Spotify claims that about 2% of users using free accounts also use ad blockers. They don't generate any revenue for the company and the artists who make the songs available on the site.

Let’s remind that the day before yesterday Spotify boasted that its number of users exceeded 207 million. 36% of them, i.e. 96 million people, have a subscription. The last quarter of last year was the first in which the company recorded profit instead of losses.

Recent weeks have been a period of large investments for the company. A few days ago the company bought Gimlet and Anchor, services specializing in podcasts. Spotify intends to invest about 400-500 million dollars in this category this year.

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