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News video games 17 March 2022, 14:50

author: Adrian Werner

Stealth Multiplayer Spy Game Deceive Inc. is Coming

Tripwire Interactive will publish Deceive Inc. which is a stealth multiplayer game where we will play as spies.

Tripwire Interactive announced that it will publish Deceive Inc., a multiplayer action game focusing on stealth gameplay.

  1. Deceive Inc. is created by the Canadian team Sweet Bandits Studios, known for Coffence.
  2. The game is heading to PC, Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5.
  3. The PC version will be sold on Steam and Epic Games Store.
  4. The release will take place in early 2023.

In Deceive Inc. we will take part in a competition of spies. There will be an extensive gallery of agents with unique abilities to choose from, and players will get access to a rich set of gadgets and outfits.

The gameplay will focus on silently completing tasks. Players will have to hide among NPCs, avoid detection by guards, use disguises, hack computer systems and sneak into well-guarded areas.

  1. Tripwire Interactive - official website
  2. Sweet Bandits Studios - official website

Deceive Inc PC - partial system requirements

On the game's Steam card there are already system requirements, albeit incomplete.

Deceive Inc. - minimum requirements

  1. Processor: 64-bit
  2. RAM: 8 GB
  3. Disk space: 30 GB

Deceive Inc. - recommended requirements

  1. Processor: 64-bit
  2. Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060
  3. RAM: 16 GB
  4. Disk space: 30 GB

Adrian Werner

Adrian Werner

A true veteran of the Gamepressure newsroom, writing continuously since 2009 and still not having enough. He caught the gaming bug thanks to playing on his friend's ZX Spectrum. Then he switched to his own Commodore 64, and after a short adventure with 16-bit consoles, he forever entrusted his heart to PC games. A fan of niche productions, especially adventure games, RPGs and games of the immersive sim genre, as well as a mod enthusiast. Apart from games, he devourers stories in every form - books, series, movies, and comics.


Deceive Inc.

Deceive Inc.

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