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News video games 12 January 2022, 11:09

author: Przemyslaw Dygas

Star Citizen and Squadron 42 Launch Only in a Few Years; Devs Plan Sequels

The release of Star Citizen and Squadron 42 will take place only in a few years. This does not stop Cloud Imperium Games from making plans for the next parts of the latter.

  • Squadron 42 should debut in two years at the latest;
  • Launch of the full version of Star Citizen will be coming even later;
  • The studio is already planning sequels to Squadron 42.

Star Citizen is a title that stirs a lot of controversy. The game has a wide circle of fans, but a hefty amount of critics as well. They draw attention in particular to the indefinitely postponed release. Many people even began to wonder whether Star Citizen will ever come out of Early Access. An even bigger unknown is Squadron 42, the story-driven spin-off to Cloud Imperium Games' first game.

Carl Jones, the company's COO, has shed some light on the future of both game. In an extensive interview for MCV, he revealed that players need to be patient, as the games will be released only in a few years. Squadron 42 should appear on the market in two years at the latest. Work on Star Citizen, however, will take much longer..

Jones did not share a specific release date. He said only that over the next five years the studio intends to hire a thousand new employees. This is related to the opening of the company's branch in Manchester. During this time Cloud Imperium Games will be developing a huge MMO. Perhaps the year 2027 will be the moment of the actual full release of Star Citizen. Considering that the game was announced in 2012, it would be a peculiar situation.

Of course, this is just speculation based on vague statements made by Carl Jones. He stated that the game will appear on the market when it is ready. He did not want to share a specific date, which would tie the studio's hands. Fans of space MMOs must grit their teeth and wait patiently.

Another statement of Jones, in turn, may annoy some players. In the interview he announced that the company already has plans for sequels of Squadron 42 and will implement them within the next five years. The developer's resources will enable the studio to work on multiple titles simultaneously. Considering that the first game has still not been released, this declaration is quite bold. How it will translate into reality, we will find out in a few years.

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