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News video games 23 December 2021, 21:37

author: Michael Zegar

Players Outraged by Ship Price in Star Citizen; Update Adds Unusual Event

Patch 3.16 for Star Citizen adds a new PvP mode, called Jumptown 2.0, mysterious wrecks and expands clashes in the atmosphere. However, controversy was sparked by a new ship, which, although able to accommodate half the players on the server, was priced at almost $300.

After the last two major updates for Star Citizen - introducing, among others, a new planet (the gaseous Crusader) and medical facilities, as well as completely reworking the equipment system - it was time for a more modest update, marked with the number 3.16. From yesterday it is available to download for all "star citizens".

Devoted fans of the game should be happy with the PvP mode called Jumptown 2.0 Both law-abiding and law-breaking players can use it to fight for control of valuable crates with drugs in various facilities located in the Stanton system.

In 2019, the Star Citizen community discovered a drug laboratory on one of the moons. To the surprise of the developers, tens of thousands of players divided into two groups. One intended to close the facility to prevent illegal practices, while the other had plans to obtain and sell the substances it contained. This ultimately led to a massive faction war. These events left such a mark on the community that it became official canon in the history of the universe Star Citizen.

Another novelty are the peculiar environmental puzzles in the form of spaceship wrecks scattered throughout the Stanton system (so-called derelict puzzles). Players can explore them in search of valuable loot while avoiding deadly traps. Additionally, special contracts (atmospheric bounties) have been prepared for bounty hunters on targets in ships located in planets' atmospheres. A working hospital in Zone 18 has also been implemented.

Levitating vehicles have also received significant improvements. Their result is better control over these means of transport. The last new feature worth mentioning is the Drake Cutlass Steel, which is a special variant of the Drake Cutlass Black.. The Steel version got rid of the cargo bay in favor of 18 seats for soldiers. Moreover, additional armaments have been installed. Thus, the Cutlass Steel is expected to prove ideal as a carrier delivering units directly to the front lines.

However, it was the same Cutlass Steel that proved to be a rather controversial move. The price of the original ship - the Drake Cutlass Black - is $123, while the Steel model costs... $289.05 in basic version or $258.3 for the Warbond version.

  • It is worth noting that a large part of the ships in Star Citizen can also be purchased for in-game currency;
  • Ships in the Warbond version are either discounted or offer special features such as extended insurance plans (which will come into effect only after the release of the full game) or cosmetic elements (skins). They can only be purchased with real money, not in-game credits;
  • In-app credits are a virtual currency that the user receives in exchange for the default procedure of returning a product previously purchased on Star Citizen's website.
Players Outraged by Ship Price in Star Citizen; Update Adds Unusual Event - picture #1
The interior of the Drake Cutlass Steel. Source: BoredGamer.

It is worth remembering that we are not talking about a completely new premium ship here, but only a modified Cutlass Black - a mid-range model in Star Citizen. Reddit users active in the game's community point out to the creators, that seats and a few additional weapons are not enough to justify the doubled price for the Steel model.

"I often defend CIG but that's way overpriced," comment by user Nytrel.

Players Outraged by Ship Price in Star Citizen; Update Adds Unusual Event - picture #2
Memes by user cpcsilver. Source: Reddit.

"Cutlass Black: $100/(6 guns + 9 seats)= $6.66 per gun/seat

Cutlass Steel: $235/(13 guns + 21 seats) = $6.91 per gun/seat

I guess that's the pricing formula?," writes user thecaptainps comment.

Players Outraged by Ship Price in Star Citizen; Update Adds Unusual Event - picture #3
Meme by user leviathandm. Source: Reddit.

"Friendly reminder: The only people who should spend real life dollars on anything above and beyond a base pledge are those with oodles of disposable income, for whom this price tag is a shrug.

The rest of us can get this and almost anything else we want for in-game credits," AlternativeWestern21 comments.