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News video games 06 May 2024, 04:29

author: Zuzanna Domeradzka

Star Citizen Offers Free Flights and Spaceship Testing. We Know Date of Free Tests

The developers of Star Citizen are once again inviting people to free trials of the game. The major Invictus event is coming.

Source: Cloud Imperium Games

If you're a fan of space simulators, you might want to check out the upcoming event in the highly popular game from Cloud Imperium Games studio. Star Citizen - which is one of the most expensive fan-financed projects that hasn't yet been fully released - will soon be available for free testing.

The devs of the space-sim invite all interested parties to an event called Invictus Launch Week 2954. It will start on Friday, May 17, and end on Wednesday, May 29. The free trial period for Star Citizen will be back, allowing anyone interested to play the game. To join the so-called Free Fly, you have to:

  1. set up an RSI account (if you don't have one), it's best to do this before the event starts on this page;
  2. download a special launcher and install Star Citizen on the disk - detailed information on this topic can be found here.

As every year, during the Invictus Launch Week, there will be displays of spacecrafts. Then it will be possible to perform test flights with new machines inspired by the navy. To participate in the exhibition, you need to go to the Stanton system to the planet ArcCorp, and there to the Area18 port. If you haven't encountered Star Citizen before and play the game for the first time on May 17, you will receive a complimentary ship to attend the event.

The RSI Polaris fleet flying through Stanton and the chance to explore the Aegis Idris machine independently are expected to be among the main highlights of Invictus Launch Week 2954. Below you can follow the exact schedule of the event.

After the Invictus Launch Week, you will have the opportunity to buy the game if you liked the trial period of Star Citizen. The standard edition of the game costs $55.35.