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News video games 03 October 2022, 15:53

Steam's Offline Mode - User Debunks Myths About Time Limits and Transfers

One Steam user decided to dispel some myths about the offline mode in Valve's application. He considered the most common one to be the need to connect to the network every few days.

Offline mode has been an integral part of Steam for many years. In a nutshell, it enable you to run installed games - obviously, mostly single-player titles - without being online, which can be especially useful for people who have limited Internet access.

Offline mode on Steam - myths

A user of Valve's platform recognized that many people who use Steam don't know how the mode works - and others only think they know. So he decided to debunk some myths about the offline mode, including the ones he believes are the most prevalent, namely:

  • it is necessary to connect to the network every few days to stay in offline mode;
  • Steam account is tied to the computer on which you logged into it;
  • it is impossible to transfer installed games from computer to computer.

Offline mode on Steam - debunking the myths

In order not to remain a lip service, the Internet user pointed out how the various myths can be debunked.

  • The lack of a time limit can be verified by exiting Steam, then disconnecting from the Internet and moving the system clock forward a few years (some difficulties arise only after January 19, 2038). After saving the password, when you reopen the application, you will be redirected to offline mode.
  • The Steam folder can be transferred to another PC without much trouble and the app will still work offline - all you need to do is create a single entry (key) in the registry or edit the appropriate text file (if you're curious about this, user cringe ass nae nae baby has described the whole procedure in detail here).
  • Games can also be transferred - it is necessary to copy the installation folder of a given game along with the associated directory file (named "appmanifest_[appid].acf" - "appid" is the number assigned to the game on Steam). With that said, the account you are logged into must be the "owner" of the copied game.

Offline mode on Steam - facts

In addition, the Internet user pointed out several claims about offline mode on Steam that are true.

  • Games must be updated to be able to run (whereby the app does not verify the contents of their folders, only the file named "appmanifest").
  • Games shared with family are not available in offline mode unless we log in to the account with which they are associated.
  • Titles with third-party DRM protection (such as Denuvo) often do not work offlline - which, however, is the responsibility of the developers, not Valve.

Offline mode on Steam - errors

There are also errors to be blamed on Valve, which "spoils" the offline mode on Steam and seemingly requires a network connection. However, the Internet user proved that this problem can also be circumvented with relative ease. A copy of the folder with the installed application, containing the "appinfo.vdf" and "packageinfo.vdf" cache files, is necessary. A properly overwritten (edited) "steam.cfg" configuration file can also be extremely useful - the details of its creation are described here.

Hubert Sledziewski

Hubert Sledziewski

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