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News video games 22 April 2024, 05:26

author: Zuzanna Domeradzka

Stellar Blade Without Censorship. New Action RPG Will Be Released in the Same Version Worldwide

The content of the upcoming Stellar Blade won't be censored in any way. The same version of the game will be released worldwide, including Japan.

Source: Shift Up / Sony

The Korean studio Shift Up shared interesting information about their upcoming game. Developers assure that Stellar Blade won't be censored in any country. This means that the game won't be stripped of content, and all players will be able to enjoy the same version of the title.

A very interesting issue is that the game will not be censored even in Japan. There, Stellar Blade has been rated CERO D, which means that the game is intended for people over 17 years of age. It would seem that the production will be classified there as CERO Z (18+) due to its controversial content.

Let's remember that in South Korea, the age category for Stellar Blade is 18+. Such a rating was decided on, among other things, due to the presence of "excessive violence" and "direct sexual expression" referring to the appearance of the characters, which is an element of the game director's artistic vision.

It's quite surprising that despite the abundance of bloody elements in Stellar Blade, the game's solutions and female models passed the CERO test in Japan without needing to be censored, as can be seen from the promotional materials and demo recordings. The game classification system in this country is quite strict - for instance, the survival horror game The Callisto Protocol was "banned" and didn't go on sale in Japan because the game developers would have to change some of the content.

If you haven't seen Stellar Blade in action yet, you can take a look at the new promotional materials for the game. The devs introduced, among others: burst skills triggered as a result of the energy obtained, for example, by performing perfect dodges. A video focusing on beta energy charging powerful abilities and a music video by rising K-pop star BIBI (below) were also released.

Stellar Blade will debut on April 26 on PS5.