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News guides 20 December 2023, 06:59

author: Ewa Ichniowska

Sunday in Honkai Star Rail (HSR) - Everything We Know

HSR players are anxiously awaiting the release of Penacony. One of the characters we will meet there is Sunday. Here’s what we know about him so far.

Source: Honkai Star Rail, developer: HoYoverse, Youtube

Sunday took the Honkai Star Rail fandom by surprise after appearing towards the end of the Version 1.6 livestream. The man, who is the representative of the Family and the organizer of the Charmony festival, introduced the event that will be the central stage for the next chapter of the in-game story. But what do we know about Sunday himself?

Sunday in Honkai Star Rail (HSR) – Everything We Know

Thanks to the 1.6 version livestream, HSR fans have already gotten a glimpse of Sunday, although in the simplified chibi style. He’s a man with golden eyes with dark blue irises and grayish blue hair. He’s wearing a light blue outfit with white and gold accents, a long suit and pants. Notably, Sunday has a gold halo with the design of three vertical eyes, as well as what appears to be wings growing from his head.

Sunday in Honkai Star Rail (HSR) - Everything We Know - picture #1
Sunday, Honkai Star Rail, developer: HoYoverse, Youtube

The livestream revealed that Sunday is the older brother of Robin, an intergalactic super-star singer, who will perform the opening act of the Charmony festival. A picture of Robin was revealed, in which we can see she shares angelic features with her brother, though her halo is less elaborate. It seems to suggest the siblings are members of a yet-unintroduced race in the world of Honkai Star Rail.

Sunday in Honkai Star Rail (HSR) - Everything We Know - picture #2
Robin, Honkai Star Rail, developer: HoYoverse, Youtube

The following information comes from unofficial, leaked content and is subject to change. Proceed at your own discretion.

Concept art sketches of Robin and Sunday, shown in full body, have leaked previously. They appear to be very close to finalized designs.

Story-related rumors from a known source for leaked content, Stepleaker, reveal that Sunday is one of the leaders of Family, and plays a major role in the Stellaron crisis that will unfold on Penacony. These and other story leaks suggest Sunday is an ambiguous, morally gray character.

Also according to Stepleaker, Sunday will become playable in the future. However, it is currently not known in what version he might be added to the game. The scarce rumors about this character might suggest he’s early on in development.

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