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News video games 22 March 2021, 18:56

Steam Refused to Sell Game Because of Excessive Nudity

Super Seducer 3 will not appear on Steam. Valve deemed the game too close to pornography.

  • The publication of Super Seducer 3 on Steam has been blocked;
  • This decision is final and not subject to reconsideration;
  • The game cannot appear in the store because it contains nude photos of real people.

Despite 61 thousand people who are waiting for the game, Super Seducer 3 will not appear on Steam. The game's publication has been blocked due to the nude photos of real people present in it. Its creator Richard La Ruina informed about the ban on Twitter. In addition, the message received from Valve clearly indicates that the decision is final and not subject to reconsideration.

Lately Steam has been flooded with productions that are more or less erotic. Games from the visual novel category, which should sometimes be considered plain pornography, are becoming popular on Valve's platform. In 2019 we had a situation in which as many as two erotic titles found their way into Steam's best sellers. This trend is growing thanks in part to the official permission of Valve, which in 2018 put the first fully uncensored game in its store, namely Negligee: Love Stories.

However, all previous games have been either animated productions or with 3D models. Super Seducer 3 , on the other hand, is a game featuring real actors. As you can see, this is a line Valve does not want to cross. On Steam we will still find titles that can be openly considered hentai pornography. However, we will never see there any productions that show real nudity in any way. This move could bring the store dangerously close to adult content websites.

Przemyslaw Dygas

Przemyslaw Dygas

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