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News video games 21 August 2019, 14:34

author: Barth Faryna

Two Erotic Games in Steam Top Games for July

Steam's approach to erotic content has changed significantly in recent years. Currently we can find there many titles for adult players, some of which are even at the top of the July list.

LOVE3 -Love Cube- is one of the games that made the best debut on Steam in July.

Each month Steam publishes a list of the most profitable games, based on the results of the first two weeks after the release. The July top included titles such as Oxygen Not Included or Wolfenstein: Youngblood. But the summary we can also see something unusual - two erotic anime games: LOVE3 -Love Cube and CUSTOM ORDER MAID 3D2 It's a Night Magic.

The first of the titles is a visual novel about a comic book maker who lives with two friends she regularly sleeps with. Although sex scenes are properly censored, the game offers DLC, thanks to which we can unlock a little more spicy details.

LOVE3 -Love Cube- is a visual story in which we play the role of a comic book author.

In the second title, the players take on the role of the manager of a group of maids. The base version of the game is quite polite and does not offer much uncensored content. Only after downloading the special patch does the player get the opportunity to turn the maids into ladies providing more intimate additional services. What is interesting, the update has to be downloaded from an external website, because Steam does not have it in its offer.

Custom Order Maid is the second erotic game in the July Steam top.

It is clear from this example that the platform's policy on adult games has still not been clarified. Although there are more and more similar games on offer, some patches are still available on external websites, such as in the case of Custom Order Maid.

There's no denying that erotic games are among of the most profitable titles on Steam, which certainly hasn't escaped Valve's attention. At this point, it is worth noting that this type of fully uncensored content has been present there only recently. Only in September last year, the first fully uncesored adult game appeared on Steam: Negligee: Love Stories, which was quickly banned in as many as 28 countries.

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