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Chorus is New Game Developed by Former Writer of Dragon Age

Bart Woldanski, 11 October 2019, 21:24

David Gaider, the former writer of Dragon Age, revealed his next game, Chorus. It will be an adventure musical for which Summerfall Studios needs over half a million dollars, and plans to collect it during a crowdfunding campaign on

Main Writer of Dragon Age Sets up His Own Studio

Adrian Werner, 18 September 2019, 11:50

David Gaider, the main screenwriter of the Dragon Age series and Neverwinter Nights: Hordes of the Underdark, founded a new studio, Summerfall, in Australia. The first game of the team will be revealed next month.

Ex-BioWare writer joins Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition developer

luckie, 11 February 2016, 10:20

Developers of Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition and its upcoming expansion happily greeted ex-BioWare David Gaider as their new creative director. The writer behind Dragon Age series will guide the studio in their new projects.