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News video games 04 April 2023, 14:35

author: Adam Celarek

Take-Two Reaches Settlement With GTA Mod Makers, But it's Not the End

The nearly two-year-long court battle between Take-Two and a group of modders modifying GTA games is most likely at an end. However, another one is looming in the background.

Recently we reported about new threads in the ongoing 2021 court case between the publisher of the GTA series, Take-Two, and a group of modders working on visual modifications to older installments of the series. As reported by a well-known insider, the long legal battle seems to be slowly drawing to a close.

Month-long battle ends in settlement

What will the court battle end with? As we read in the post of user Ben videotech, who has already provided credible content related to the case in earlier months, both sides of the legal conflict have finally reached an agreement.

  1. Both Take-Two representatives and the group of modders have decided to finally settle the case outside the walls of court and the U.S. publisher withdrew the official accusations directed at the mod makers.
  2. Although details of the out-of-court agreement have not been made public, the context of the document suggests that the modders may be ordered to pay court costs related to the case, which has been ongoing for months.

What is the issues?

A court crusade against the developers of mods for the original 3D trilogy of Grand Theft Auto began in 2021.

  1. At the time, Take-Two was preparing to announce and release a a remastered collection, containing the three classic titles.
  2. At the same time, the company started targeting modifications that improved the appearance and performance of the original versions of the aforementioned games.
  3. A group of modders, creators of the re3 and reVC projects, decided to hold their ground against the oppressive actions of the publisher - the mods are advanced visual modifications designed for GTA 3 and Vice City.
  4. After several cases of removal and restoration of fan content on the web, the case finally went to court.

Is this the end of the legal dilemmas?

After the extremely coldly received release of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition and months of court battles, Take-Two's lawsuit case seems to be in its final stages. However, a minor note in the official letter documenting the court's decision is cause for concern.

As the tipster notes on Twitter, the document contains a minor reference, regarding "the remaining defendants". It suggests, therefore, that Take-Two may continue to track down the other people involved in the development of the mods and also hold them accountable.

Adam Celarek

Adam Celarek

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