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News video games 24 February 2020, 11:15

author: Adrian Werner

Tank Mechanic Simulator - PlayWay's Game Boasts Excellent Sales

PlayWay has reasons to be pleased. Last week's releases of Tank Mechanic Simulator on PC and Thief Simulator on Xbox One proved to be successful. Sales are so high that they have already covered development and marketing costs.

Tank Mechanic Simulator is the debut project of DeGenerals.
  1. Sales of Tank Mechanic Simulator on PC: 39,000 copies.
  2. Sales of Thief Simulator XONE port: 3,000 copies.
  3. Both results caused the games to break even and cover their marketing costs.

PlayWay has boasted the results of its latest productions. Within the first 72 hours after launch, Tank Mechanic Simulator found 39 thousand buyers. As you can see, the combination of popular topics of tanks and vehicle mechanics turned out to be a hit. Let us recall that the title launched last Thursday, on February 20. The project is available on PC only.

On February 19, a port of Thief Simulator, the company's 2010 PC hit, made its debut on Xbox One. The release on Microsoft's console found over 3,000 buyers in the first 72 hours. This is not as impressive a number as the publisher's PC games results, but it was enough to pay for the development and marketing costs.

Also in the case of Tank Mechanic Simulator, the sales in the first 72 hours ensured that PlayWay broke even.

These successes are yet another proof that the Polish publisher has found a very profitable niche for itself by focusing on unusual simulators. The company's biggest hit remains House Flipper, whose sales in September last year exceeded one million copies. This week, the game will also launch on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and mobile versions are also planned.

Publishers' other successes include Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 (925 thousand copies), Thief Simulator (329 thousand on PC), Gold Rush: The Game (325 thousand), and Cooking Simulator (188 thousand). Importantly, these figures are from a few months ago, so the results of all these titles are now undoubtedly much higher.

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Adrian Werner

Adrian Werner

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