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News Cooldown 22 April 2024, 03:36

author: Alexandra Sokol

Taylor Swift References GTA on New Album, Though Not in the Way You Might Think

The inclusion of an element of the game deviates somewhat from the pieces for which the artist is best known.

Source: Rockstar Games / Republic Records

Yesterday, the eleventh studio album by Taylor Swift, titled The Tortured Poets Department, had its premiere. For fans, it signifies more than just eagerly awaited new music, but also a chance to spot further references straight from the life of the bestselling artist.

Although the singer was once famous for songs about her ex-partners, her newly released album includes a happy love story - in a somewhat gaming style.

Between the stage and the pitch

Throughout her life, Taylor Swift has experienced numerous romantic relationships, mainly with people from the music and acting industries. However, it's difficult to call these stories fruitless, because although most of them were short-lived, each of them contributed something to the singer's artistic achievements.

Taylor Swift References GTA on New Album, Though Not in the Way You Might Think - picture #1
Source: Patrick Smith/Getty Images

As of last summer, Swift has been in a happy relationship with Travis Kelce: a professional American football player who gave her a friendship bracelet asking for her number during a previous tour. Blooming love can also be inspiring, as some songs on the new album show.

So what's the deal with this GTA?

Shortly after the official premiere of the album, Taylor released fifteen surprise songs, including "So High School" - a calm and nostalgic song comparing her feelings towards Travis to teenage love. The artist didn't fail to mention the athlete's interest in comedies and... computer games.

The gaming community is definitely drawn to Swift's reference to Rockstar's popular series, Grand Theft Auto. This specific extract definitely doesn't motivate the loved one to pick up the controller and spend their leisure time engaging in criminal activities involving stolen cars.

Truth, dare, spin bottles / You know how to ball, I know Aristotle / Brand-new, full throttle / Touch me while your bros play Grand Theft Auto

-- "So High School," Taylor Swift

GTA, by the way, isn't the only game mentioned that involves driving a car. The original text also refers to Full Throttle, a futuristic adventure game from 1995 where cars are substituted with anti-gravity machines.

Whether we're fans of Taylor or not, there's something endearing about this geeky (in its own way) expression of emotions.

Alexandra Sokol

Alexandra Sokol

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