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News video games 14 April 2024, 22:39

author: Maciej Gaffke

Palworld Developers Scored Strange Setback. However, Major Update May Reignite Player Interest

Pocketpair studio announced the new features coming to Palworld in a major Arena update. By the way, the developers of this hit game suffered a major bloop in the trailer, for which they had to apologize.

Source: Pocketpair.

Palworld was definitely a hit at the beginning of the year, winning over many Steam users. After almost three months since the game was released in early access (January 19, 2024), a noticeable decline in players can be noticed, so it's not surprising that the devs want to re-attract them by adding new content in subsequent updates.

Palworld developers made a big mistake

The latest patch introduced, among other things, a new boss. The Pocketpair studio has announced additional new features and, in the process, made a very peculiar blunder. The following trailer shows us the arena where players will fight alongside their Pals. As the material informs us, the duels were supposed to start in the summer of 2024, which turned out to be... a mistake.

In a separate message, the devs apologized to fans and gave a less specific date for introducing the arena to Palworld - 2024. Such an oversight is quite unusual. Before the material is officially published, it must be reviewed by a substantial group of people.

Palworld Developers Scored Strange Setback. However, Major Update May Reignite Player Interest - picture #1
Source: Palworld / X.

New content in Palworld

However, this summer, Pals trainers won't be left empty-handed. The large update is expected to provide a solid portion of new features. Introduce at least another island where new species of Pals will appear. New buildings and weapons will also be added to the game. Unfortunately, we haven't yet learned the specific release date for this patch.

A significant update is essential for the developers to retain players in their game, as indicated by the current statistics from SteamDB. At its peak, over 2 million users of Valve's platform were playing Palworld at the same time. Currently, their number isn't even over 100,000.

Palworld Developers Scored Strange Setback. However, Major Update May Reignite Player Interest - picture #2
Palworld Statistics / SteamDB.

Despite the visible decrease in players, the game still continues to receive excellent reviews on Steam. At the moment, the title has over 290,000 opinions, of which almost 94% are positive. Let's note that besides PC, you can play Palworld on Xbox (the game is available in Game Pass).

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