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News video games 01 July 2024, 03:18

author: Maciej Gaffke

Hit Open-World Survival Game Received Its Biggest Update Ever. Sakurajima Island and Many Other New Features Hit Palworld

Palworld, the hit title from earlier this year, recently received a major update. Pocketpair studio added a ton of fresh content.

Source: Pocketpair

Do you still remember Palworld? The hit game from the beginning of the year, which is filled with creatures similar to Pokemon? If so, a major update "Sakurajima" has recently been released, introducing a lot of fresh content and encouraging you to revisit the world of the titular Pals.

  1. The update added a new island, Sakurajima. We will face a faction called The Moonflowers on it, and we will also get to know more species of the Pals.
  2. There is also an arena, which we have already heard a bit about. Players will test their combat skills on it in multiplayer mode.
  3. A drilling rig platform was also introduced. It is controlled by the Rayne syndicate, which we must defeat in order to gain new resources, such as oil.
  4. From now on, players will be able to develop their characters up to level 55. Before the update, we could only reach a maximum level of 50.
  5. We will also encounter new bosses in the new hard mode. In it, the most powerful forms of individual creatures are waiting for us.

Of course, these aren't all the novelties. The devs also introduced new weapons, cosmetic items, buildings, skills for creatures, music, and improvements. You can read the entire list of changes of the huge "Sakurajima" update in the post by Pocketpair studio.

Let's remind that Palworld is still in early access on PC, XOne, and XSX/S. The title can also be played on PC/Xbox Game Pass. It's also worth mentioning the current promotion on Valve's platform. Until July 11, we will pay $22.49 for the game instead of the standard $29.99.

  1. Palworld on Steam

Maciej Gaffke

Maciej Gaffke

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