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Palworld (PC cover
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A third-person survival action game with RPG elements. Palworld tasks us with traversing a beautiful world, catching creatures known as Pals and exploiting them in various ways. The game supports singleplayer and multiplayer.

Action | TPP | sandbox | RPG elements | survival | network | indie games | co-op | crafting | Game Pass

Palworld Release Date

Early Access PC


Early Access XONE


Early Access XSX



developer: Pocketpair publisher: Pocketpair Official website

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Palworld is an action survival game with RPG elements, inspired by the iconic Pokemon series. It was developed by Pocketpair, an indie studio known for the warmly received Craftopia.


Palworld is set in a fictional world where humans co-exist with Pals, Pokemon-like creatures. The player must traverse the land and capture Pals to make use of their unique powers and abilities. It's up to us whether we'll treat them nicely or have them slave away before tossing them aside once their usefulness runs its course.


Palworld is a third-person game set in a large, diverse world. It consists of dense forests, beautiful plains, huge canyons and snowy wastelands.

As we explore the world, we catch Pals of different sizes, appearances and skills, using them in different ways. Some are great at constructing, others farming or processing resources, others can be mounted to traverse the world faster or defend ourselves from danger. With the help of our Pals we'll build camps, gradually creating more unusual structures (like pyramids and rockets), farm (with Pals taking care of sowing, watering and harvesting crops), clean up the base, build powerful factories and create automated production chains to produce various goods.

Over time, Pals can be bred and even cross-bred, creating new species. We can also encounter rare, endangered creatures. Though capturing and selling them is prohibited by law, it's a good way to get rich, as long as we don't get caught. As to how we treat our Pals - the more we exploit them, the shorter they'll live. Treated well, they work less efficiently but live longer.

Palworld is full of danger - changing weather, hostile humans and monsters. We can defend ourselves using weapons crafted in our factories. Backed into a corner, we'll need to run and have our Pals stay behind to slow down the pursuers. As befitting a survival game, our character has needs we must fulfill. If we run out of food, one of our Pals might just do the trick...

Game modes

Palworld supports singleplayer and multiplayer, both cooperative and competitive.

Technical aspects

Palworld features high-quality graphics, its artstyle resembling that of a Pixar movie.

Last updated on 05 April 2024

Game mode: single / multiplayer   Multiplayer mode: Internet  

Age restrictions Palworld: 12+

Palworld System requirements

PC / Windows

PC / Windows

  • Minimum:
  • Intel Core i5-3570K 3.4 GHz
  • 16 GB RAM
  • graphic card 2 GB GeForce GTX 1050 or better
  • 40 GB SSD
  • Windows 10 64-bit
  • Recommended:
  • Intel Core i9-9900K 3.6 GHz
  • 32 GB RAM
  • graphic card 8 GB GeForce RTX 2070 or better
  • 40 GB SSD
  • Windows 10/11 64-bit
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