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News video games 18 March 2024, 01:13

author: Maciej Gaffke

Palworld's Success Overwhelms Devs with Profits. Figure Is 'Too Big for a Studio With Our Size to Handle,' According to Pocketpair’s CEO

Palworld was a hit beyond measure for the small Pocketpair team. The game was so successful that the CEO of the studio, Takuro Mizobe, admitted that the profits were too big for a company of this size. The developers also announced the first boss raid.

Source: Pocketpair.

Few developers can boast such a huge scale of profits as Pocketpair. Takuro Mizobe, the CEO of this small Japanese company, raised this issue among many others in a recent interview with Bloomberg. He stated that the amount earned was "too big for a studio with our size to handle."

Developing Plaworld cost 1% of the current budget of Star Citizen

Popular Palworld was released in early access in January 2024 and attracted more than 25 million players on PC, XSX/X, and XOne, including subscribers to the PC/Xbox Game Pass service. The production was developed for just under a billion yen, which is approximately 7 million dollars. The profit it generated reached tens of billions of yen (we don't know the exact figures). To better illustrate the scale of Palworld's success, let's note that 10 billion yen is about 67 million dollars.

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The development of Palworld was achieved with relatively little expenditure, particularly when compared to the current budget of Star Citizen, which amounts to $7 million. So far, the devs of this space production have managed to collect over 671 million bucks on their account. Pocketpair studio needed less than 1% of that sum to create a hit that drew in millions of players.

New content is coming to Palworld

Since the developers aren't resting on their laurels, Palworld fans can slowly prepare for the new content coming to the game. The devs presented a new trailer, announcing the first boss raid. Bellanoir, as this opponent will be called, will invade the Palpagos Islands "very soon." However, we still have to wait a little longer for a specific release date.

Raides are just one of many elements that will be added to the game in the near future. The developers presented a specific development plan for Palworld in early access in January.

Finally, let us add that Palworld is currently on sale on Steam. Until March 21, we will pay $26.99 for the game. Before the discount, the price was $29.99.

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