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News video games 17 February 2023, 16:20

The Day Before Devs Show Their Faces and Convince That the Game Really Exists

The developers responsible for The Day Before have released video footage showing the alleged development of the game from 2019 to now. However, there is still a stench of controversy surrounding studio Fntastic.

Controversy over survival network game The Day Before has not quieted down at all. There was a lot of commotion around the game after it was revealed that the clips used in promo materials look like they were taken from other games, the studio has a problem with payments, and the moderator of the official Discord doubts whether the game even exists.

Damage control

An attempt to answer these arguments is to be found in a developer vlog published on the YouTube channel of Fntastic, in which the process of the game's development from its beginnings in 2019 to the present day is shown.. You can take a look at it below:

In the video, which is several minutes long, Fntastic's communications manager Dana Soltangazinova summarizes the entire process of creating The Day Before, from the early alpha days until now, when the game, according to the developers, is almost at the finish line.

However, it doesn't seem that this video will dispel the doubts surrounding the project. No new gameplay was shown; there was also a lack of statements from any people directly involved in the game's development process. Under the post published on studio's Twitter most of the comments remain skeptical.

Some of the people commenting under the YouTube footage, however, seem a bit more convinced that The Day Before is not a scam:

"This is what we needed! Proof of the game's development, gameplay in several stages of work and a demonstration of its various features. Thank you for finally proving that the game is real!," wrote user StattyZ.

"I'm still skeptical, but this was a surprisingly well-made video! If you stop posting cringe on Twitter and maybe do one or two more videos in the next few months that are of the same quality and maybe some new, never-before-seen game footage, you'll probably regain a lot of trust, even if there are a lot of negative comments about the project!

For now, I remain skeptical and wait," GHST project wrote.

Still there are unexplained mysteries dragging on behind The Day Before. The developers are going to have to try a lot harder to convince the players. Assuming that the whole thing does not eventually turn out to be a hoax.

The game is scheduled for release on November 10 on PC. It is also expected to be released on PS5 and XSX/S at a later date.

Fntastic is a Russian studio. The company was originally founded in Yakutia. Later, the developers moved to Singapore. They are assisted in the work by people from different parts of the world (such as the Netherlands and Thailand). Publishing The Day Before MyTona company also comes from Russia. Its headquarters are currently in New Zealand, and it additionally has offices in Singapore, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Georgia and Serbia. Founded in 2012, the company develops and publishes games.

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