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News video games 28 February 2017, 12:59

author: luckie

The Division free trial, Last Stand DLC and Update 1.6 all launching today

Players on PC and Xbox One can try out The Division for free starting today, 10 days ahead of their PlayStation 4-playing friends. The game has also received the Last Stand DLC, and the Update 1.6.

If you still haven’t devided whether to buy Tom Clancy’s The Division, Ubisoft has something to make the decision easier for you – the game’s publisher released a free trial of the game on PC and Xbox One; the PlayStation 4 version will be available from March 9, 2017. The trial offers 6 hours of gameplay in any mode you like, including the campaign, Dark Zone, and seamless co-op. Within that time you can advance your character up to level 8. If you decide to purchase The Division, all progress will be transferred over to the full game.

As for the current The Division players, they can now enjoy the final piece of DLC, entitled Last Stand, which is available on all platforms as a part of season pass or in standalone purchase. It features a new mission, in which players have to return to the Dark Zone and restore key tech data before rogue agents do it. Here’s an excerpt from the official description:

Last Stand introduces players to a new way of experiencing the Dark Zone through a session-based adversarial game mode featuring clear objectives and win conditions while incorporating key elements of the Dark Zone such as PvE enemies and landmarks. Players will be on a team of eight Division agents fighting against a team of either Rogue agents as they attempt to capture the tactical terminals. Last Stand will also include a new incursion, Stolen Signal.

What’s more, the game has also received Update 1.6 today, which is free for all players. The patch adds expanded Dark Zone map with three new areas, new Contamination events, unique weapons and landmarks, Dark Zone leaderboards, and the Legendary difficulty mode.

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