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News video games 25 October 2023, 01:58

author: Adam Adamczyk

The Elder Scrolls 6 Will Use Skyrim's Progression Mechanics, Says Former Bethesda Dev

A former Bethesda employee has commented on the character progression mechanics in The Elder Scrolls 6. According to him, it will be similar to those in Skyrim.

Source: Bethesda

We will have to wait a bit longer for The Elder Scrolls 6, because, as we informed some time ago, the title will come out no earlier than 2026, and by the way, it will not be available on PlayStation consoles. Bethesda has persistently kept quiet about the title, but an interesting piece of information about it was shared by a former designer of many of the studio's games, who worked at the company until 2021. According to him, the game will feature a similar progresion system as in Skyrim.

Skyrim's lead designer on leveling in TES6

Bruce Nesmith, who held the position of chief designer for Skyrim recently gave an interview to MinnMax. In it he addressed, among other things, the topic of The Elder Scrolls 6. According to Nesmith, the game will receive a character progression system based on the one we know from Skyrim.

"This whole 'you do it to get better at it' mechanic was not my idea, but I had a big part in it, and it will certainly be continued. A lot of the concepts related to gaining levels and similar things will include a lot of new ideas, but I bet that some of the things I worked on will survive [in TES6 - ed. note]."

It is worth recalling that character progression in Skyrim is linked to the use of specific weapons, spells, skills, etc. The more often we use them, the more proficiency we gain, receiving points that fill the progression bar. Once it fills up, we jump to a new level, gaining the ability to increase our life, mana or stamina points, as well as assigning a point to a selected ability.

Bethesda remains silent, but for good reasons

Teaser announcing The Elder Scrolls 6 was released on June 11, 2018, and since then Bethesda hasn't boasted any big news about the project. As Bruce Nesmith added, Bethesda released this short video under pressure, wanting to satisfy the gamers who were demanding news on the sixth installment of the iconic series. By publishing this footage, the company wanted to confirm that the game is in development. Nesmith stated that Todd Howard prefers to announce games in the relatively short time remaining from their release.

"Bethesda has been getting flak over the years for not talking about The Elder Scrolls 6. Todd Howard's opinion, which I share, by the way, is that the video game industry has a short memory. Companies that start advertising their games years in advance are making a mistake. The best time to start talking about a game is six months before release."

Adam Adamczyk

Adam Adamczyk

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