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News guides 12 December 2023, 08:04

author: Agnes Adamus

The Finals - How to Play Throwing Knives

Do you play Light Build in The Finals? From this guide you will learn more about throwing knives that this class can use.

Source: The Finals, developer: Embark Studios

The Finals is a dynamic FPS with impressive environmental destruction. During the gameplay you can choose one of three classes. All of them are equipped with a unique set of weapons. In this guide you will find information about the throwing knives that Light Build can have.

Throwing Knives in The Finals

Throwing Knives are "high skill, high reward" type of weapon for the Light Build. You can buy them for 800 VRs. They work well at medium and close distances. Fighting with Throwing Knives requires you to move very fast. You must constantly be on the move to avoid damage from enemies. The Light Build has little HP, so you can easily die.

Throwing Knives have their advantages. They deal high damage and at the same time have a very short reload time. In addition, they have two types of attack.

  1. Primary – You throw several knives at the same time. The speed of this attack is high. However, it has a noticeable disadvantage – a high spread. Therefore, it only works well at closer distances.
  2. Secondary – You throw one knife. Works well at medium distances. It allows you to target your opponent more accurately and deal more damage. Unfortunately, the cooldown between attacks is longer.

This weapon works well with Evasive Dash and Cloaking Device specializations. These allow for a surprise effect.

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