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News video games 19 February 2023, 23:58

author: Adrian Werner

The Settlers: New Allies Without Reviews; The Few Players Very Disappointed

The Settlers: New Allies recorded a poor debut. Players complain about the heavily simplified gameplay and the game's poor technical condition. Moreover, it seems that not many people play the title at all.

On Friday we saw the PC debut of The Settlers: New Allies, the latest installment in the popular strategy game series from Blue Byte. Although being a game from a well-known franchise, prior to its release Ubisoft did little to advertise it, and the game's debut has been very strange.

  1. Until now, no reviews of the game have appeared online. Ubisoft had not provide reviewers with keys before the release, so we won't see the first reviews until next week. Such an approach is usually a very bad sign and usually means that the publisher does not believe in the success of the game.
  2. The game is available only on Ubisoft Store and Epic Games Store, where no user ratings are provided, so it is difficult to assess how the title has been received by the players.
  3. Users of Reddit are not thrilled. They praise mainly the graphics. In contrast, criticized is the heavily simplified gameplay, which is disappointing, given the traditions of the series. Players also dislike the low difficulty level and poor AI.
  4. In addition, it seems that the game is not very popular. The dedicated sub-Reddit is surprisingly inactive for the release of a new game from such a well-known brand. On top of that many players report problems finding people willing to play in multiplayer. Some claim even that it takes sometimes tens of minutes or even several hours before matchmaking finds us users for a sessions. It looks as if the network population of this strategy is almost non-existent.
  5. The Settlers: New Allies is also said to have quite a few technical issues, causing crashes, disappearing content from Deluxe or synchronization errors in multiplayer.

Things do not look good. I expect next week's reviews to be devastating. It's a sad prospect, given the reputation the series has enjoyed so far. It seems that after a very bumpy development (the game was originally announced in 2018, and its vision during the work underwent major changes) Ubisoft decided that the new installment was not worth saving and the game was released as it was.

Fans of the brand are now pinning their hopes on the project revealed a few days ago, called Pioneers of Pagonia. It is the spiritual heir to The Settlers, which the father of the series, Volker Wertich, is working on. The game is scheduled to debut in Steam Early Access later this year.

  1. The Settlers: New Allies - official website

Adrian Werner

Adrian Werner

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The Settlers: New Allies

The Settlers: New Allies

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