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News Opinions 25 November 2022, 15:51

author: Adam Adamczyk

The Witcher 4 Needs the Return of My Favorite W3 Character

Ambiguous and charismatic, dark and imbued with evil, yet magnetizing – Master Mirror is definitely one of the most interesting characters in the entire Witcher trilogy, and personally – my favorite. I look forward to his return in the fourth installment of the game.

In the history of games, the trope of a flawless hero saving the world from a Very Bad Villain is hackneyed to say the least. Fortunately, this way of writing began to change and the characters we impersonate have ceased to ever so immaculate.

I am even more pleased that the bad guys are increasingly nuanced, charismatic and ambiguous, and thus memorable. A good example of a character written is such a way is Gaunter o'Dim, whom we first meet in White Orchard in the prologue to The Witcher 3 – he is one of my favorite (because ambiguous) characters from the game, which says a lot, as this production is full of interesting black characters. Could this hero return in the future in The Witcher series? I think he should, and I'll be genuinely disappointed if it doesn't happen.

Mastering time

The Witcher 4 Needs the Return of My Favorite W3 Character - picture #1
Master Mirror made it clear that he was in control of time.


The Hearts of Stone expansion was released 7 years ago, so most of you probably know the story. Still, I'd like to warn you that there are spoilers below.

When Gaunter o'Dim introduces himself to Geralt, he claims to be a traveling merchant selling mirrors, whom the folk call Master Mirror. This character intrigues with a mysterious aura and introduces an uneasiness from the get-go – for example, he knows who Geralt is looking for, even before the White Wolf utters Yennefer's name. However, after the encounter, we quickly forget about Gaunter and go in search of Ciri (or some worthy gwent opponents), but the Man of Glass returns in the aforementioned expansion and saves Geralt from the Ofirians, in exchange leaving the characteristic mark on witcher's face.

At some point later in the game, Geralt meets Gaunter in the inn, where he decides to freeze time as one of the customers decides to bother the witcher. Then Gaunter says that:

{quote}Let us say time has always fascinated me, so I taught myself how best to use it.


If Gaunter o'Dim is in control of time, he's probably able to do more than stop it. It's possible that he can go back and forth in it, and it's possible that thanks to this ability we will be able to meet him in the next witcher adventure.

Announcement of the return

The Witcher 4 Needs the Return of My Favorite W3 Character - picture #2

"I can't die. I'm leaving, but will return."CD Projekt RED

In the grand finale of this adventure, when Gaunter comes for Olgierd's soul, Geralt can let him, or intervene and offer to solve Master Mirror's riddle. If he succeeds, Gaunter will let Olgierd free, otherwise he will possess the souls of both of them. The witcher, of course, finds a solution to the riddle and chases Gaunter away. The latter announces his return, speaking in a strange language, specifically in a mixture of three languages belonging to the of Indo-Iranian subfamily of languages: Antillic (Creole), Georgian and Ossetian.

Ouw se on coq é coq lá sé rwa an lé pil firmié ay. Shen ggonia momige, ara sts’debi. Man amaran nai. Asauznan fala fashtama azdahznan.


You're only a rooster, and atop his pile of manure, the rooster is king. You think you've won. Wrong. You are mistaken. I can't die. I'm leaving, but shall return.

Gaunter cannot be killed

The Witcher 4 Needs the Return of My Favorite W3 Character - picture #3
Conversation with Premethine Shakeslock.

At some point, Geralt goes to Oxenfurt to talk to Professor Shakeslock, who knows something about o'Dim. The professor collected information from books and folk tales after being commissioned to do so by Olgierd von Everec, who offered him a sizable amount of money for his research. The professor informs the witcher that Gaunter cannot be killed, but that a certain man managed to outsmart him. The mysterious individual supposedly solved the pact with Master Mirror, turning Gaunter's own weapon against him, that is, beating o'Dim at his own game. If Gaunter was banished and returned at least once, I can't see why he couldn't do it again.

Why waste potential?

Gaunter o'Dim is one of the most recognizable and charismatic characters in The Witcher 3. At first glance, it seems that he is an ordinary man who exudes calmness, self-confidence and demands almost constant attention with his gallant smile. This is at odds with the image of a menacing, dark entity surrounded by flames, who announces his desire to take over the world, or just destroy it. Despite this calm and seemingly friendly disposition, Gaunter turns out to be able to get whatever he wants and grind anyone to dust, but – as Professor Shakeslock said – he just doesn't do such things. Adhering to rules, calmness and charisma are a few of the reasons why players liked Gaunter o'Dim so much, which leads me to believe that his absence in the future games would be a waste of this character's great potential.

I love him not only for his flavor and unpredictability, but also for the whole vibe surrounding him. Starting from the awesome music theme, through different tidbits such as the fact that during some quests in the Hearts of Stone expansion, a keen eye can notice him disguised as a guard, or spot him at an auction in the Borsody house, to references to him made, for example, in Marlena's diary in the Blood and Wine expansion – these are just some of the reasons why I want to get to know Gaunter better, although it is probably unwise. Professor Shakeslock also took an interest in o'Dim and ended up stuck in a circle that was supposed to keep him safe.

Of course, these are all just my opinions, which you don't have to agree with. I would love to know your opinions on the possible reappearance of Master Mirror in the future of the saga!

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