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News video games 25 May 2023, 14:56

author: Kamil Kleszyk

Beta of Long-awaited MMORPG Launches, but Players are Disappointed

Throne and Liberty - often referred to as the great hope of the MMO genre - has not thrilled players during the ongoing beta testing. They mainly complain that the game does everything for them.

Last year, the gaming community went crazy at the sight of the beautiful trailer for Throne and Liberty. NCsoft's work - originally developed under the name Lineage Eternal - quickly ignited their hopes for a groundbreaking MMO. Unfortunately, those fervent expectations were cooled with the start of beta testing of the game in South Korea..

"I cheer for my character in a clown costume".

People who joined the beta do not spare bitter words aimed at Throne and Liberty. Particularly criticized is a certain absurd gameplay mechanic.. Roughly speaking, it consists in the fact that players do not have to do anything at all, and the character thay "control" will hunt and roam the vast world by itself. In short, this particular mode deprives us of what, by design, should be fun.

Not to be a lip service, below is the footage recorded by one of the Throne and Liberty players. The author of the video dressed as a clown stands in front of his desk, while the game's protagonist himself massacres a pack of wolves. The player is merely "rooting" for his character.

Other sins of Throne and Liberty

Of course, criticism of the Astral Hunting system (which is, let's point out, an optional mode) is not the only pebble thrown into the garden of Throne and Liberty. The gaming community criticizes also mediocre graphics, undemanding quests and Pay2Win mechanics that level a character for up to 8 hours after leaving the game..

However, it is worth bearing in mind that we are still dealing with a beta version of the game, and any feedback from the players will certainly enable the developers to improve their work. Nevertheless, it looks like there is still a lot of work ahead of NCsoft.

Finally, let's recall that thanks to Amazon Games, the title will be distributed in Europe, the Americas and Japan. The game will hit PC,PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X with crossplay support. Unfortunately, at the time of writing this news, it is not known when the full version of Throne and Liberty will debut on the market.

Kamil Kleszyk

Kamil Kleszyk

An introvert by nature. Since childhood, he felt a closer connection to humanism than to the sciences. Instead of exercises in maths, he preferred shutting himself up in his world and inventing new stories of his favorite anime – Dragon Ball. After years of study came a time of stagnation, which he preferred to call "searching for purpose." Looking out for destiny during the 58th screening of his beloved Die Hard, he decided – like John McCLane – to fight for a better future. He found the avenue to do this in Gamepressure. Since he's still a freshman in the newsroom, he doesn't have a target subject he wants to focus on yet. So, you can expect news about farming simulators, or the impact of Johnny Depp's trial on the future of Pirates of the Caribbean. If you ever hear that playing console games and watching movies is futile – remember this story


Throne and Liberty

Throne and Liberty

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