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News Files and Mods 27 December 2021, 10:49

author: Adrian Werner

Titanfall 2 Saved by Fans Thanks to Mod Called Northstar

Fans decided to save Titanfall 2 themselves. The result is the mod called Northstar, which allows for the use of private servers, as well as strongly reduces problems with hacking attacks.

The Titanfall series was practically abandoned by its developers from Respawn. The team has simply given up on preventing hacker attacks. The situation is so bad that the first installment was pulled from sale. The second game can still be purchased, but comfortable play is often impossible. Fortunately, a group of fans decided to do something about it and the result is the freshly released mod called Northstar. It is an open source project, enabling players to create and run private servers of Titanfall 2. You also need to download it if you want to play on these servers.

The mod does not fix the flaws that made the attacks on Titanfall 2 so easy. However, the very nature of private servers means that this problem is minimized. A person who wants to spoil our fun must first find the IP address of the server. If we play in fully private matches it is very difficult to achieve, because such skirmishes are not displayed on the so-called master server.

The mod works only on PC, so console players will have to do without, but it's hard to complain, because Northstar is the salvation for one of the most interesting online shooters. It's a shame the Respawn itself didn't bother to fix the vulnerabilities that allow attacks to happen, but even aside from the problems they cause, the ability to set up your own servers does secure the game's future. Especially since the project also enables us to use scripts and fan content. Already available now are, for example, new game modes.

Unfortunately, we shouldn't expect a similar project for the first Titanfall. This is due to the fact that in the case of the continuation, Respawn used elements of technology associated with the servers for the single-player campaign, so these files were included in the game and thus the imaginative fans had something to build Northstar on. In the case of the original things look different, so modders would have to develop the entire network infrastructure practically from scratch, which would be much more difficult.

Of course, Respawn could independently release files and data that would enable the development of an analogous project for the first Titanfall, but it's unlikely that the developers would do that.

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