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News video games 26 April 2023, 15:07

author: Kamil Kleszyk

Like Single-player Battlefield; New Military Shooter Now on Steam

Looking for a single-player tactical shooter? This indie game debuted on Steam in early access and seems to be an interesting alternative to titles focused on online gameplay.

Total Conflict: Resistance, also referred to as Mount and Blade with tanks, is an extensive game that is a combination of a tactical FPS and a strategy game. On April 21, developers from Thunder Devs studio (responsible, among other things, for the BattleRush series) officially completed the beta-testing stage of their new title and made it available as an early access option on Steam.

Taking into account the reception of the game by users of Valve's platform, one can get the impression that we are dealing with a solid single player alternative to online military shooters. At the time of writing this news Total Conflict: Resistance has been rated by 322 players, of which 256 reviews (81%) are positive.

Total Conflict: Resistance - pluses

Among other things, players praise the shooter nature of the game. The nice visual design also deserves praise. It is worth noting that many reviews include not only the previously mentioned comparison to Mount and Blade, but also to another FPS - Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare, which once enjoyed quite a popularity on Steam.

Total Conflict: Resistance - downsides

The game by Thunder Devs also suffers from several ills. Players complain about the mediocre strategic layer of Total Conflict: Resistance. Building and politics are, in their opinion, very primitive and underdeveloped. The drawbacks also include the repetitive gameplay that is noticeable after a while and the clunky interface.

Nevertheless, users are aware that they are still dealing with a game in early access. The developers intend to systematically introduce further improvements.

Here are some sample reviews:

"This game has great potential and is good for early access. [...] Focus on improving the RTS layer, gameplay and graphical improvements, and it will be great. Freeman was great at launch. This production is very similar," claims lilwillie.

"As a shooter, the game represents a high level, the management of soldiers and equipment during the battle is an interesting idea, although not the latest, but the management of equipment by bots is not quite perfected. The graphics are good, but the system requirements are high because of this. As a strategy the game leaves much to be desired, building and politics are primitive, logistics are often extremely awkward," notes OUT O MAT TT.

"The gameplay resembles a mix of Mount and Blade, Total War and ARMA. On paper it looks like a perfect game. It reminds me a bit of Freeman: Guerilla Warfare, but is better in every way. The graphics are brilliant," praises Darth Morghulis.

Total Conflict: Resistance - a handful of information about the game

In Total Conflict: Resistance we find ourselves in the fictional state of Cambridia and lead it to glory not only by diplomatic means, but first of all by force. The developers have given us a vast array of possibilities. Starting from building fortifications through the manufacturing of weapons, skillful management of the created army, control of combat vehicles, and finally warfare from the first-person view.

Kamil Kleszyk

Kamil Kleszyk

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Total Conflict: Resistance

Total Conflict: Resistance

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