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News video games 12 January 2021, 20:49

author: Karol Laska

Ubisoft Enrages Steam Community by Posting Threads About Epic Games Store Title

Ubisoft shot itself in the knee at the very beginning of the year. The blame for this state of affairs lies with one of the posts about Tom Clancy's The Division 2. The problem is that it was shared on Steam, which does not offer the aforementioned game.

  1. Ubisoft opened a forum on Steam about Tom Clancy's The Division 2, despite the fact that the game was never released on the said platform;
  2. Fans began criticising the French company for the move - mainly due to one of the posts, which was quickly deleted.

Ubisoft opened quite a big can of worms on Steam forums focused on Tom Clancy's The Division 2, and if you're wondering what it was all about, the answer is right there in the previous sentence - you see, the game was never released on Steam. You can find the title only on Ubisoft Connect and in Epic Games Store. So what is it the deal?

Well, it's simple - the French company decided to allow players of The Divison 2 to create threads on Steam about the game in a specially designated forum. And in fact, it could have gotten away with it, and Internet users would not ahve started criticizing this move, if not for one of the recent posts shared by an Ubisoft employee.

Ubi-Milky, as the developer's username goes, encouraged people to share their Ubisoft nicknames and individual game preferences, and to arrange to sit down with other people on Steam to play Tom Clancy's The Division 2. Fans didn't like the fact that the platform was being used to promote an unavailable product, so after a series of critical comments the post was removed. However, nothing ever dies on the Internet, so the proof of the crime can be found below.

Ubisoft Enrages Steam Community by Posting Threads About Epic Games Store Title - picture #1
Source: Steam

Ubisoft did not remain silent and the employee responsible for creating and deleting the thread has responded to the situation, explaining that his intentions were noble and not dictated by the desire to advertise:

"The post was my idea and I decided to remove it in the end post as it was not well received by the community and to be honest went down like a lead balloon. I noticed some players were looking for friends to play with on the Uplay/Ubisoft Connect platform, so thought it may be helpful to these players who preferred to discuss the game in the Steam forums as they are obviously still active.

With all that in mind, the game has not been released on Steam, so I understand the sentiment behind your comments, it came from a place of good will and was not meant to offend anyone. Thank you for responding to this and thank you for continuing to show an interest in the franchise."

Will the above explanation make fans look at Ubisoft in better light? We dare to doubt it, because we're talking about Epic Games Store here, which despite numerous promotions and regular giveaways is still considered by part of the gaming community as a pest and an unfair competitor to Steam. If you take another look at The Division 2's forums, you'll see that the recent threads are mostly harsh words directed towards Ubisoft and their morally questionable practices. What is there to say, it's not the best start of 2021 for the French company.

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