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News video games 17 August 2021, 14:45

author: Adrian Werner

Valorant Could Get Music Groups Like LoL's K/DA

Riot Games is considering enhancing the Valorant brand with virtual musicians. This approach has already worked well for League of Legends.

Riot Games may be preparing to enrich the Valorant brand with virtual music artists releasing their own songs. The team has had considerable success with this type of experimentation in League of Legends so it's no surprise that they want to repeat it in their online FPS.

The source of these reports is a short documentary by IGN, focusing on the most successful of these types of experiments, the K/DA band, composed of female protagonists of LoL. Riot Games employee stated in the video that Valorant also has potential in this regard and the team is analyzing possible musical projects related to the franchise.

These types of initiatives have proven to be surprisingly popular in League of Legends. K/DA's songs (such as POP/STARS and MORE) have a total of several hundred million views on YouTube. Another virtual group from this universe, True Damage, also achieved success with their single GIANTS.

Thus, the musical expansion of Riot Games succeeded perfectly in the case of LoL so it's no surprise that the studio wants to do the same for Valorant. This online shooter is full of characters with strong personalities and many of them would also work well in front of a microphone.

Recall that Valorant was released in June last year. The game is available exclusively on PC, but a mobile edition is also planned. The game uses free-to-play model with microtransactions and proved to be a great success. Riot Games recently boasted that the title is regularly played by 14 million people.

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Adrian Werner

Adrian Werner

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