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News video games 12 September 2022, 14:23

author: Miriam Moszczynska

Sometimes it's Better to Give Up Than Play on Broken Valorant Server

The performance of Valorant's servers has annoyed the players. Although they offer better performance thanks to tickrate 128, players also get wins or losses based partly on RNG.


Valorant players are upset about the condition of the game's servers, which makes gameplay much more difficult. It often happens that one of the teams has less and the other more lag, so that even if the players match each other's skills, the connection favors one team.

RNG decides the win

How bad are the servers? Well, if you believe what was written by user FatTruise, it's very bad. This is because he stated that due to the delays that occur during the match, sometimes it is simply better to give up than to get mad over the issues.

"A very short summary: this experience just proved to me that the servers will always be more kind to specific players in a game, so there's an RNG limit on how well you can perform and sometimes it's better to just quit/surrender if the servers are acting up."

What is the reason for this?

To say that it is the fault of the servers is true, although framed very generally. To be precise, the problems are most likely caused by the tickrate of the servers, that is, their refresh rate. Valorant servers refresh 128 times per second, which is supposed to ensure smoother gameplay.

This is not the case, as first FatTruise's team and then the opponents (the same teams were matched twice for matches) noticed drops in the number of packets sent.

"From what i've seen, whenever my team rolls the other team, we all have a solid 128 packet send rate, while the enemy team complains of drops to 90-110. What the server probably does fo the rest of the packets is some kind lag compensation, trying to guess what's going to happen."

It's not just the European servers that have a problem

Players around the world are having similar problems. One of them mentioned, that on NA East servers you can find yourself in the same situation, especially if you start the game in the evening hours. Also player from a French server noted that certain times of day make Valorant simply unplayable.

So the problem seems pretty serious, and given that it doesn't just affect a minority of players, Riot should try to fix the glitches with the servers.

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