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News video games 03 May 2020, 14:10

author: Adrian Werner

Warhammer RTS Developed by Elite Dangerous Dev

Frontier Developments revealed that it is working on a real-time strategy game based on the Warhammer Age of Sigmar license, a popular tabletop battle game.

The new RTS will be based on the Warhammer Age of Sigmar tabletop battle game, which replaced the Warhammer Fantasy Battle.
Frontier Developments' plans for the coming years :
  1. Planet Coaster on XONE and PS4: before May 31, 2021.
  2. Large paid expansion for Elite: Dangerous: before May 31, 2021.
  3. Undisclosed AAA title: before May 31, 2022.
  4. Strategy game under Formula 1 license: before May 31, 2022.
  5. Continuation of the above Formula 1 game: before May 31, 2023.
  6. RTS Warhammer Age of Sigmar: before May 31, 2023.

We found out what Frontier Developments, the team known from such games as Elite: Dangerous, Planet Coaster, Jurassic World Evolution or Planet Zoo, is currently working on. It turns out that the team is developing an RTS under license of Warhammer Age of Sigmar, the latest incarnation of a series of tabletop battle games by Games Workshop.

We learned about the existence of the game from a press release announcing the signing of the license agreement. We know little about the game itself so far. It is known that it is heading for PCs, consoles and streaming platforms, and the release is scheduled for the fiscal year 2023, which means that the project is to launch before May 31, 2023.

The fact that we will wait almost three more years for the project means that it must be in the early stages of development. It will probably take a long time before the game is officially announced and we will see the first graphic materials.

The note also contains information about other planned games of the team. Also by 31 March 2022, a racing manager game is to be released, enabling us to take control of a Formula 1 team. A year later its sequel will be released.

Shorter-term plans include the port of Planet Coaster on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and a large paid expansion for Elite: Dangerous. Both projects are expected to be released by 31 March, next year.

  1. Frontier Developments - official homepage
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