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News video games 16 September 2022, 12:07

author: Krzysiek Kalwasinski

Warzone 2 is the 'Most Ambitious' Call of Duty to Date; Official Announcement

The Call of Duty Next event brought a lot of details about the future of the series. Not only in the context of Modern Warfare 2, but also battle royale Warzone 2 and Warzone Mobile.

Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0, a sort of sequel to the acclaimed battle royale, is scheduled to debut soon. Thanks to the Call of Duty Next event we learned a lot of valuable information about the future of this project and other installments of the series. The recording of the entire presentation can be found here.

A handful of details about Warzone 2

One of the most important pieces of information, of course, concerns the release date of the new Warzone. It is expected to take place on November 16, this year - which is a confirmation of the recent leak. The game will be available for free on PC (Steam and, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

Developers announce a complete overhaul of the game, which is expected to provide a new kind of experience. The developers call the project "the most ambitious in the series' history." Warzone 2 will be powered by the same engine as Modern Warfare 2.

We also learned that the action of the second game will take place in a fictional region called Al Mazrah, located in West Asia. At the same time as the game, we will also receive the DMZ mode, which the developers call a "sandbox experience." In addition, there will be a mechanic that is expected to drastically change the conclusion of individual scenarios - the arena will shrink within more than one ring.

The world of Al Mazrah, on the other hand, is expected to be vibrant due to the presence of an AI-led faction. There will also be Gulag 2.0, where clashes will take place between players in a 2-on-2 variant. During the skirmishes we will earn loot and additionally face the "prison guard", whose defeat will bring additional game options and surprises.

There remains the question of servers, which will be protected by the RICOCHET system. As in the case of the previous Warzone, it will operate on the kernel level and will debut globally for Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.

Warzone Mobile will be tied to "big" platforms

Also unveiled during Call of Duty Next was Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile - a portable version of the first game, which is to be closely linked to the "bigger" versions. As a result, progression will be shared in it (as well as all community features).

The mobile version of the game is being developed by people from four Activision-owned studios: Activision Shanghai Studio, Beenox, Digital Legends and Solid State Studios. Warzone Mobile will offer numerous events, playlists and cosmetic content unique to this version, designed to please both new players and veterans.

Owners of Android and iOS devices can already pre-register. The release of Warzone Mobile is expected to take place in 2023, but it is not yet known when exactly this will happen.

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